Workout motivation tips

June 28, 2017

It’s summer, isn’t it? That probably means you’re on vacation and, if so, you have time to work out! If you are not sick, don’t have a medical condition or don’t have important plans, I don’t see why you shouldn’t get in shape. Unfortunately, finding motivation can be really freaking hard!

Continue reading, if you want to know some tips to help you find motivation.



1- After every workout, you can note how you feel so, when you really don’t want to work out; you can just look at how good it made you feel last time. For me, working out makes me feel productive and energize.


2- Try making a schedule, workout at the same time, the same days. I work out every 2 days.


3- Do fun workouts, like the ones where you have to spell your name and every letter count for a certain exercise, except if your name only has three letters, cause that’s just cheating.


4- Subscribe to workout accounts on Instagram, seeing people working out on your feed will probably make you say “Wow! That is inspirational! That makes me want to work out!”


5- Remind yourself that it will make you feel good and that binge watching Netflix will not.


6- If a serial killer is running after you, and you have a great cardio, because you worked out, you will be able to run away from him!


7- Think about working out in a positive way, for example, instead of saying “But it just sounds so tiring!” say “this is going to be so worth it!”


8- Prepare your workout clothes and place them in a place you know you will see them, so it will remind you to work out.


9- Tell peoples of your everyday life when you’re working out, because they will remind you and what other choice than saying “Oh right, I was just going to” when they ask you “weren’t you suppose to go work out?” do you have?


10- Listen to music when you wake up to get you energize.


11- Workout with a friend, having someone to motivate you be great! Plus, you will be able to help him or her.



That’s it! I hope this helped you. Sorry for saying «workout» a lot. Don’t forget to contact us if you have ideas for future blog posts and to read our previous ones!

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