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Overnight oats

Hey! Do you know about overnight oats? Well, it's a pretty tasty breakfast that is super easy and that you make the day before you need it. It's healthy, takes no time at all and there's many delicious options. If you want to try this amazing breakfast, continue reading. If you don't, oops, you're missing out! Just for you, we have recipes and tips for the best overnight oats you could ever have.

How to make overnight oats? The principal ingredients are: rolled oats and milk (I prefer to use almond milk because it's healthier and I think it tastes better, but normal milk works too). The milk you use doesn't make a difference. I once used almond chocolate milk and it was good.

What I do: I pour a cup of milk, a cup of old-fashioned rolled oats in a mason jar and whatever other ingredients I feel like adding. Here are a few of my favorite recipes (they're not really recipes, because I don't give the exact measurements. I think that you should just add some little by little the ingredients to see how much you'd like to have):

1: - A cup of milk

- A cup of rolled oats

- 1 tbs of Almond butter

- Half a banana

- Maple syrup as desire

2: - A cup of milk

- A cup of rolled oats

- Brown sugar

- Cinnamon

- Maple syrup

3: - Milk

- Rolled oats

- Jelly

- Honey

- Crushed berries

4: - Milk

- Rolled oats

- Cocoa

- 1 Banana

- Maple syrup

Most people use yugurt (greek) and chia seeds, but most time I don't use those (mostly because I don't have chia seeds). It still tastes wonderful, but it sure would add a little to the recipe to include some.

Why make it in a mason jar? It's because you can mix the oats easily just by shaking the jar. After making the recipe, you leave the jar in the fridge for the night and, the next day, you eat it.

Here's a picture I found on Pinterest (witch, by the way, has great overnight oats recipes that are way better than the ones I wrote, because I don't use measurement):

This picture comes from , if you want to check it out.

I basically make overnight oats every night for the next morning, because having my breakfast ready in the morning gives me, lets be real, more time to sleep. You can eat it on the go, or enjoy it on the couch with an episode of a TV show that I suggested in my post: What TV shows to watch on Netflix (

Okay, well that's pretty much it... You only need to:

1- Pour rolled oats and milk in a mason jar;

2- Add the other ingredients of your choice to make your recipe taste better;

3- Close the mason jar and shake it up;

4- Refrigerate it overnight;

5- Eat it the next boring.

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