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My fashion bucket list for 2020

Even though Christmas just ended and I have no chance of getting any of the following items (for now), I wanted to write a post about all the clothing pieces I'd like to acquire in the future (in the case that they are still my style).

A bucket list is a list of things someone wants to do before dying, but this fashion bucket list is more of things I'd like to have at one point or another, hopefully during 2020. Actually, I think this is more of a wishlist, but a bucket list sounds cooler. Maybe my taste in fashion will change during the year, but right now, as of December 27th, 2019, I want these things.

Vegan Dr. Martens

I've been wanting a pair of Dr. Martens boots for a while now, but every time I get the chance of buying a pair, I chicken out. It might be because they're really expensive or because I don't know if I would wear them that much. I really like the look of the Vegan 1460 Ankle Boots and the Vegan 2976 Chelsea Boots in both black and burgundy colors. I also like the Vegan Flora Chelsea Boots in burgundy, because they have a glossy finish, but they don't have the iconic yellow stitches. If I wasn't so tall compared to my friends, I would love to have Vegan Jadon II in burgundy, but platform heels aren't really for me.

Reformation clothing

For those who are not familiar with the brand, Reformation is a clothing brand that focuses on sustainability and feminine silhouettes. They have really nice clothes and I really admire their goals of being safe for the environment. However, their clothes are really expensive, I'm talking a minimum of 100$ per shirt. I don't think I will be buying from them anytime soon because of the prices, but I'd like to think that I could one day. I think that my favorite clothing items from them are their dresses, but their jeans and shirts are also very cool.


One of the most popular trends of the mid-2000s is coming back with a 2020 twist to it: headbands. I'm not a fan of the plastic ones, but I do like the ones who look like scarfs or that are very thick. I recently saw a video of the YouTuber StealTheSpotlight in which she talks and styles trends of the 2000s for 2020 and I really liked how she styled headbands (if you want to see the video, click here). I don't know if I would be able to wear those well, but there is only one way to find out.

Midi dress from Princess Polly

I already have a midi skirt and I really love the vibe it has. I love the feminine look and how good it looks when mixed with different styles. I'd love to step my style up with some dresses of the same style in my wardrobe, especially if they're slip-on. I saw some from Reformation that I really like and even more from Princesse Polly. Those kinds of dresses are really flattering and I feel really good wearing them. The reason I haven't bought one yet is that they are usually pretty expensive, I'm talking over 50$ for one dress.

Print pants

I've been seeing a lot of really cool looking pants on Pinterest lately and I'm obsessed! They are usually very flattering and they are always covered in some kind of print. I often see animal print or plaid pants, but I love the ones bellow a lot more, with more artistic and creative prints.

Vivian top

I think that I only saw Brandy Melville selling these and that is kind of unfortunate because there are not Brandy Melville stores where I live. I still love the look of these shirts and I really want one! The colors are cute and they often are plaid, which I love.

Rightful owner

I really like this sustainable brand and I might like it even more than Reformation because they are located in Montreal and I'm Canadian. The clothes are so weird and I love them so much! They are colorful and have a romantic look. They often look very high fashion or like things you would see at a fashion show, but not always. Once again, they are pretty expensive, but I feel like the price is worth it for the amount of effort that is put into making clothes sustainable. My favorite items from this store are the blouses.

White boots

I am in love with little white booties but I have one problem with them: they have a high heel. I love the look of the heels but I don't feel comfortable wearing them. Maybe it's because I am already taller than most of my friends or because I have trouble walking with sneakers, but anyways I would really like to be able to wear some.

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