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My 2020 vision board

Having goals is a great thing, but isn't representing them visually even better? That's what vision boards are for! I don't know why, but for the last couple of days I'm seen a lot of vision board videos on YouTube and I've been feeling very inspired.

Right now, I don't have a usual vision board, but I have a Pinterest vision board that I wish to make into an actual board and put in my room to always be able to get inspired by it.

Now, here's my vision board for the year, transformed into a blog post to inspire me and you.


I love painting and drawing and so it makes sense for me to want some inspiration for my art and what I love doing. The images I chose are mostly acrylic paintings and that's because I want to get better at painting with acrylic paint.

My first picture is of someone painting, the second is of a painting I've seen a lot and really like and the third one is of an art studio.


I really like stretching and I want to learn to do yoga tricks really bad! The pictures I've seen all over Instagram look so cool and I think that, with a lot of work, I could achieve some of the super complicated poses... Maybe?

The two pictures are very similar and I think they are really pretty and impressive. Can someone please tell me who those girls are or this girl (i don't know if it's the same person) is?

New York

The next trip I have planned this year is to go to New York City and I'm literally so excited! I've been wanting to go there forever! All my favorite TV shows and movies take place in New York and I'm so glad that I'm going to be able to see all the places they've been shot at or have been inspired by. Maybe I'll even be able to see the characters from Friends, How I Met Your Mother or the Avengers?

Get excited for NYC pictures on our Instagram (@djikseablog), we'll probably go crazy and take pics of anything anywhere.

Zero waste

I care a lot about the environment and that's why I decided to try implementing certain aspects of the lifestyle into my life. I'm already doing a very important school project on it and I'm really enjoying it. I don't want to be completely zero waste, but I want to do as much as I can do.


This year is my fifth year of high school and so, where I live, it's the last one! I'm so excited to open the next chapter of my life after high school and I can't wait to see what it'll be like. So I have a few pictures of graduate caps and one of some random students throwing their hats and being cheerful to remind me that there are only a couple of months left before I'm going to graduate.


I have a couple of pictures of things I could do with my friends because I want to enjoy the time we have left being highschoolers. We might not do all of them but they still look cool. There's one of a pool party, one of skating and one of a slumber party.


With my group of friends, we have this idea (that probably won't happen but it's still fun to dream about) to go on a trip together during the holidays next year. It would be so cool to go somewhere with beautiful beaches!

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