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How to plan a Sweet Sixteen - DIY Sweet Sixteen

Hello readers! I know you're probably enjoying your winter break, but you can use this free time to plan your sixteenth birthday party. I had mine this month and I thought that I could tell you what I wish I had known.


For your Sweet 16, you can choose to have or to not have a theme. I highly suggest iut thought. You don't have to have a dresscode (althought it helps if everyboy has the same style) but it's cool to have a color theme. For me, it was pink and silver, but it can be whatever you'd like.

A few ideas:

  • Tropical

  • Pink and silver/Pink and gold

  • Blue and silver

  • Purple and silver

You may have noticed that I like adding gold or silver with another color as a theme and that's because it makes everything seem so much fancier.


When you have a party, the people there decide the vibe of the party. If you want a calm Sweet Sixteen, don't only invite party animals. If you want an intense party, don't only invite only calm people.

Whoever you invite and no matter how many, you'll need to sent out the invites as soon as possible to be sure everyone is available. I sent mine 2 weeks before and a ton of my friends waited until the last minute to tell me they weren't coming. I wish I had reminded them to tell me if they were coming or not more often.

To invite your friends, you can print actual invites or send them via text message.

For actual invites:

If you want to be really fancy, you can print invites an give them in person or send them by mail. I think sending them by mail is too much trouble and money, so I wouldn't suggest it. Canva has a lot of customizable options you can choose from.

For electronic invites:

For my birthday, I made a group chat with all the friends I wanted to invite, told them about the party (the date and time) and made a poll with three options: Yes, No, I don't know yet.

If this isn't the right option for you, you can send an email to your friends with an invite made with Canva.


You should choose your decor based on the theme of your choosing, of course, but do you know where to find all the items you need? I started looking at pictures on Pinterest and even made a board, on which I pinned every picture that inspired me. Once I had a pretty clear idea of what I wanted, I went to the dollar store. If you want a fancy party like I did, you may wonder why I went to the dollar store. The answer is simple: I'm cheap. It's surprising what you can find there for only a dollar. I picked up what I thought would be right, but I didn't do all my shopping there. After the dollar store, I went to a few party store to pick up the rest of my supplies. This way, I didn't pay 10 dollars for each decor, but I still had quality material.

Sweet sicteen must have (decor):

  • Balloons (loooots of them;

  • Photobooth;

  • Garland(s);

  • A food table (with lots of snacks).

Those are pretty obvious, but I thought they needed to be said.


For a Sweet Sixteen, I say you need:

  • Snacks: Party snacks are pretty easy, you can have chip, candy and maybe something a little fancier like strawberries dipped in chocolate (I made some and they were amazing). If you put the snacks in the right bowls, I bet they won't clash with your theme and you'll be just fine, don't over think it.

  • Diner: For diner, you can simply order pizza like I did or have contact a catering business, but I think you need to have a big budget and a lot of people at your party to do that.

  • Birthday cake: You can have a cake or cupcakes, depending on your taste. You can ask a grocery store what kind of cake they have or go to an actual baker, where you would have more options. Try choosing a flavor that everyone likes, like vanilla or chocolate.

Once you've figured out the snacks you want, you need to think about the drinks. I really suggest having a punch bowl because they're a classic party item but, if you don't want to or don't have one, you can buy a few juice bottles and let your guest choose the flavor they want. Be sure to have water too, because you can never go wrong with water.


When I told my friends about my party, they all asked me what activities we were going to do. I had only planned to put on a playlist and... See what happens! Fortunately, I found some other things to do, but you don't actually have to. Having a simple birthday party is totally fine.

BUT! If you want something a little more epic, here's what you can do:

  • Have a photobooth;

  • Have a karaoke;

  • Never have I ever;bf

  • Ask your friends to write their favorite memory with you and put it in a bowl (you'll read them at the end of the night);

  • Just Dance;

  • Ect.


Now for the last step: music. If you already have a ton of music on your phone, just make a playlist and play it with a speaker. If you don't (like me), I suggest using your free trial of Apple Music. You can unsubscribe after your party (or after 3 months because that how long the free trial is) but you'll be able to download tons of songs, make a playlist and enjoy it with your friends in the background.

That's it! It all may seems like a lot but it's all up to you. You decide what you want for your birthday, who you invite, what music you'll be playing and all aspects of it!

If you're turning 16 soon, I wish you the happiest birthday and the most fun (and also some luck for the prep you'll be doing).

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