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How to make 2020 your best year yet (and start the decade your best)

As exciting as having new year's resolutions can be, it's not all the start of the year is about. It's also about realizing those resolutions and goals. This post is all about my tips to start the year your best and, hopefully, to keep it your best.

In this post, you'll find:

- Things you should plan;

- Things you should do;

- Things you shouldn't do.

You can disagree with what I'm suggesting and, if you do, be sure to comment down below. We'd love to know what your plans for the year are and what you think you did right last year!

What to plan

Planning is one of the best things you can do because it makes you feel so productive and get you started on the best things. Everybody plans differently and that's great. If you've found the way of planning that works the best for you, you're doing great.

You can plan with:

  • Online, with a digital calendar;

  • With a bullet journal (my personal favorite);

  • With an agenda;

  • With lists;

You might be wondering what you should even be planning and, let me tell you, you should be planning a lot. To me, planning doesn't necessarily mean "knowing WHEN to do things", it mostly means "knowing what to want". That's why I say that you can plan with lists because listing the things you want to do, learn, read or whatever is a form of planning. It's also great.

Things to plan:

  1. Your resolutions: Know what you wish to be doing or to accomplish during the whole year. For inspiration, go read my latest post about my new year's goals and resolutions (

  2. Habits: Write down habits you want to be doing and how much per day, week or month you want to be doing them.

  3. Yearly spread: If you have a bullet journal or an agenda with one of those, a yearly spread is great. You'll be able to know what each month is about with just a glare.

  4. People you want to see/spend more time with: If one of your goals this year is to see more of your friends and family members, plan it out. It's really simple to make a call and plan a dinner with an old pal. Maybe think about having a family reunion with your parents, siblings, uncles, and cousins.

  5. Choose what you want to leave in the past year: There are things you know you did wrong, things you don't want to do and people you want to distance yourself from and a good idea are to write them down so you'll know to avoid them during the year.

  6. Have a morning and a night routine: Think about what a perfect routine would be for you from the moment you wake up to the moment you leave home and what it would be from the moment you arrive home and the moment you go to be. Obviously, you won't follow it "perfectly" every day and that's great because things would get pretty boring if you did, but it's nice to know what would make you the happiest to be doing when you're at home in the morning and at night.

  7. Recipes you want to try: I really love cooking and I've been getting a lot better since I became vegetarian because I've been cooking so much and so many things I've wanted to try cooking for so long. Pin recipes or make a list to know what you want to cook or bake during the year and maybe you'll learn something new, like a new favorite meal.

  8. A bucket list for the decade: Now that it's 2020, you can think about not only planning your year but also planning your decade. Bucket lists are such fun and they can be really crazy, especially because having 10 years to do what's on it gives more options.

Don't go too crazy, but also be very crazy, because you don't know what your future is going to be like. You can't think that you'll go to the moon, but you can think about traveling somewhere on Earth because, no matter if you don't think you'll be able to right now because you don't have the money, who knows what's going to happen next. Just knowing that traveling is what you want is going to motivate you to work towards that.

What to do

Panning is one thing to do, but it's not the only thing to do. You can think of what I'm going to list next as steps or you can do them in the order you want. Don't overthink it, just be sure that it's going to lead you to your best year yet.

  1. Reflect on 2019: Was is good? Was it bad? What was your favorite part? And what was the worst? I made a spread about my 2019 and my favorite memories from it and it's one of my favorite spread of my bullet journal. I know I'm going to love looking back at it.

  2. Join Pinterest: If you don't have a Pinterest account, go create one. It's always full of motivation and inspiration and I really love it. I have so many boards to keep me motivated and they honestly make me happy.

  3. Go shopping (sustainably): I love the idea of starting the year fresh and I love the idea of starting the year with a fresh look even more. That being said, fast fashion stores aren't the right way to do so. Forever 21 clothes will not even last the whole year, so what's the point? Either buy new clothes at the thrift store or at a sustainable clothing store (even if the clothes are really expensive, they're usually worth it and environmentally friendly).

  4. Get a new planner/agenda/bullet journal: I love my bujo with the largest part of my heart and it's the number one thing that got my year started, so I highly suggest having one, but I know not everyone likes those. Maybe it takes too much time for you or you don't like doing things by hand, and that's okay, just make sure that you still have some kind of planner for the year.

  5. Finish or plan finishing what you didn't finish this year: Think about all the projects and things you've left behind in 2019 and finish those. Maybe you were already planning or working on those during the year, but if you didn't, you need to. I feel so much anxiety when I think about things I've given up on and, maybe it's just because I'm so stubborn, I don't want to skip on good opportunities.

  6. Check your finances: If you have projects for the year, you obviously want to know how much they're going to cost and how long you'll have to wait to do them because there's a possibility you don't have the money for them. Don't give up on your goals, but make sure you'll be able to accomplish them without living on the street.

  7. Talk to someone who you care about and who cares about you: Think about the person or one of the persons who is the most important to you and hit them up. Motivate each other for the year and the decade and make plans to do an item of your bucket list or your goals.

  8. Look at your 2019 resolutions: Before deciding what you want for 2020, try finding the list of resolutions you had for 2020 (if you made one) and reflect on the ones you did and the ones you didn't do. Think about ways you managed to realize the ones you ended up doing and what prevented you from doing the ones you didn't do.

These might just seem like a lot, but they aren't. They are quick to do and you don't even have to do all of them. Do the ones you think you need to do and the ones that apply to you (if you have a bullet journal, you obviously need to make 2020 spreads).

What to avoid

You might be tempted to do some of the following things and I strongly advise you not to. Then again, you do you and who am I to judge. If I'm naming these things, it's probably because I've done them and regretted it.

Things you shouldn't do while planning or preparing your year:

  • Being arch on yourself

  • Expecting too much

  • Being greedy

  • Overdoing it

  • Erasing and repeating over and over

Things you shouldn't do during the year:

  • Hating what you do

  • Not being proud of yourself

  • Spending time with toxic people

  • Not liking yourself

  • Be somewhere where you don't feel comfortable

  • Have the "wrong" state of mine

  • Not be yourself

  • Hating your style

  • Spend too much money

  • Not sleeping enough

  • Never clean/Keep messy

  • Throw shade

  • Not planning

I hope these tips can help you start your year right and continue it with a smile all throughout. Tell us in the comment section which of these tips you'll be following and how they're working for you (you just need to sign up, it's free). Leave a heart if you liked this post!

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