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Going back to school after the holidays

I had two weeks to finally relax after 4 awful months of school AND THEY'RE DONE!!! I'm pretty anxious about going back even though I know it's going to be all fine. There are things I don't want to do or even think about from school, but I'm going to have to so here are my tips and tricks to have to best back-to-school-after-the-holidays ever.

First, I'll be talking about what I'm like at school and my thoughts and then I'll talk about what I usually do at school to make it seem better. Finally, I'll tell you what you should do before going back to make things a lot easier.

If you don't know me, you don't know how much I hate school. It causes me a lot of stress and anxiety and going back after two wonderful weeks was not what I want even though it's what I have to do.

I don't like school for a few reasons:

  1. I hate to sit all the time: I like being active and sitting all day is so boring, especially because the chairs are so uncomfortable.

  2. Most of the subjects don't interest me: If I had classes that I liked, maybe school would be better, but I don't. I think I like two classes out of the twelve.

  3. I'm there ALL THE TIME: The days are so long and are so repetitive. 8 hours of school on Monday, another on Tuesday, then another on Wednesday, and so on until Friday, the last day of school of the week. My classes are 75 minutes each and most of those are just about listening to a teacher talk (or teach) and that's so long.

  4. There's a lot of work (that I have no interest in): All the things my teachers ask us to do is a lot on its own and we have to do it all while doing some other work that some other teacher asked us to do. It never seems to stop and things become very tiring.

  5. It's no fun: As I just said, classes are just about listening to a teacher talk for way too long, but that's not even the problem. The problem is the way some teachers teach. It's like they're trying to make the most boring 75 minutes they can.

  6. Anxiety: I can't stand the stress and the pressure that I feel when I'm there. Always

Maybe now you're convinced of my hatred for school or maybe it still doesn't make sense to you that I'm not happy in said place. I guess that adults seem to love to think that we have it so easy and we do have it easier than them in some aspects, but be sure that not all. I'm not saying that I feel unlucky going to school, very far from it, because I know how important knowledge is and how many opportunities going to school is going to give me, and I am grateful. I still don't like it and I'm not forced to.

Anyways, with all my school years, I've figured out some ways to make the things I hate better and they might not work for everyone and that might not work all that well, but these are the things I do.

My ways to make the things I hate seem better:

  1. Working out: The fact that I'm so inactive during the day encourages me to do more physical activities when I'm not at school or during lunchtime. My school has a gym to which students can go during lunchtime if they have a membership, which is really inexpensive, and so I got one and working out makes the day so much better. I feel more focused and things go by a lot faster.

  2. Include things I like: I obviously can't change the subject my teachers teach, but I can make them a little better by sitting next to one of my friends if I can, doodling or writing in my bullet journal. I'm not suggesting you don't listen in class, I'm just saying that doing two things at once makes my classes better.

  3. Have fun during my breaks: I have two 15 minutes breaks and one hour and a half lunch and so I try to enjoy those as much as I can before going back to class for 75 minutes.

  4. Organization: Having a lot of work for school is hard but it's a little easier when you're organized. I always use my bullet journal to plan when certain projects and things and due and when I need to get them done. If I wasn't organized, I don't know how I would be able to survive with all that work.

  5. Having fun with my notes: I really like colorful pens and markers, so my pencil case is full of those. When we take notes in class, at least I have a little fun making them look pretty.

  6. Self-care: I sometimes have a bit of trouble controlling my stress level, so it's very important for me to use the time I have off school for myself. Of course, I do my homework and studies because nothing stresses me out more than having things left to do, but once they're done I reward myself with a bath, a face mask or, the best of all, a nap.

These might not work for everybody, but they work for me. They also don't make everything better 100% of the time, but, most of the time, they work. Share your tips in the comment section.

Now, onto the "preparing" section of this post. Here are the things you should or could do before going back to school to make it a whole lot easier and maybe even get that "be better at school" new year's resolution crossed off your list.

  1. Make a list of things you could do better;

  2. Have school goals;

  3. Have a bullet journal (or some kind of planner);

  4. Clean your room and get rid of what's cluttering it (what is unnecessary);

  5. Clean your school bag;

  6. Delete things you don't need any more of your computer;

  7. Get new supplies if you need some;

  8. Be sure you still have all the papers your teachers gave you in a binder;

  9. Cut out toxic people of your life;

  10. Plan a study routine or a night routine you have to do every night.

Doing all of these things will probably help you end the school year better, especially the study routine or night routine one. The way I do it is simply knowing that from the time I get home to about 6 or 6:30 pm, I help my mom cook dinner and eat, then from 6 or 6:30 to 8 pm I do my homework and from that time to the moment I get in bed I simply do my skin routine, watch some Netflix and relax. Doing my homework can take me less than 1 and a half-hour, but I try to not work after 8 pm to be sure I have time to get ready and relax.

Relaxing is also a great thing you should think about. You need to have time for yourself because if not you'll literally be a zombie. Some ways you can relax are by taking a bath, reading, drawing, journaling, watching TV or YouTube or taking a nap.

I actually have a last very important tip for you:

Have a project

You might be thinking: "Well how can I have time for a project when I'm already drowning in school work?" The answer is simple, you should be more organized. Maybe some of you have very very very busy and I understand that but to the ones who are spending all their time during the weekend playing video games and eating hot Cheetos, this is the best.

Projects can go from something very simple to something a little bigger. For example, my brother's project is simply clearing snow off of my neighbors' yard. Mine, on the other hand, is having this blog and writing on it and promoting it. I really fell in love with it and if you can do something you love out of something you love, go for it.

If you love painting or drawing, you could try selling your art.

If you love cooking or baking, you could have an Instagram account or a blog to share your recipes. Or maybe sell meals or bakeries to the people you know.

If you really like sport, practice a lot until you can do a certain thing and document your experience.

There's always an option and I hope you find it.

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