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Summer bucket list 2019

Two years ago. around the same time, I posted my summer bucket list on Djiksea to inspire others. This year, I'm doing the same things. Of course, my interests have changed and I'm not going to have nearly as much time as I had before because I'm going to be a camp counselor, but I still want to write my goals for this summer and post them on here.

Hope this post inspires you and gives you ideas of things to do this summer. If it doesn't or if you want more inspos, go check out my last post How to have the best summer yet and last year's bucket list. We often post about fashion and lifestyle, so don't be afraid to check out the rest of our content.

You'll probably realize that most of these are related to art and so if that's not something you like I'm really sorry. Now... This is my summer bucket list for the year 2019.

  1. Learn to paint with acrylics: I usually paint with water colors and I really want to experience with acrylics. Of course, I still want to paint with water colors because it's my favorite media, but I love art and trying new things. Also, I love challenges.

  2. Paint 10 times the same thing: I've seen people painting many times the same thing, like lips, with different colors and shapes and I think that doing this would really help me get better. I feel like every face I draw/paint is the same and if I practice enough, I might be able to make more.

  3. Draw with chalk on the street: That was in my 2017 bucket list, but I never actually did it. I really want to this year with the kids I'm going to be with at camp. It'll probably be really fun.

  4. Make a dress: I used to really be into sewing and I haven't done anything in a loooong time. I want to get back into it and I think that dresses are really fun to do. I also want to pratice in case I decide to make my own prom dress.

  5. Go prom dress shopping: I'm going to have my prom next year and, this might sound crazy, it is possible that I might need a dress for it. I want to go prom dress shopping to get inspiration if I decide to make my own or just to get own if I choose to not.

  6. Go see as many artists as possible at a music festival: I go to this big music festival in my city every year and this year isn't any different. Only this time I might go see more shows with my friends because we all have passes.

  7. Go to Montreal: I've had friends suggest to me a trip to Montreal at the end of summer and I'm thinking of going. This isn't a plan, it's more of an idea, but it could be something. I love going to Montreal and so this might be fun.

  8. Go to a yoga class: I've never been to a workout class and I've been meaning to get into yoga. I think that I could learn more stuff going to a class than watching YouTube videos.

  9. Have a picnic: Picnics are so much! You pack a great lunch, go on a little hike, find a spot and eat. Simple enough and fun enough. I want to do one with friends and one with family at different places.

  10. Sleep outside: I want to do a little camping type thing in my backyard with some of my friends. We could have lots of fun with a bonfire before hand.

  11. Watch a movie in my backyard: My dad got a projector that we could use outside to watch movies and I'm really excited to use it. I'll watch a movie my friends and one with family with lots of snacks. LOTS of snacks...

  12. Start making my Comic-Con costume: I go to Comic-Con every year and I usually start prepping my costume during the summer. It's summer convenient because that when I have the most time and it's something I really enjoy doing. Making my costume usually takes a bunch of time and I'm going to use the time I have.

  13. Try Ben&Jerry's icecream: Icecream is litteraly my favorite snack/desert and I surprisingly never tried Ben & Jerry's. I usually buy big and cheap icecreams and not small and expensive ones. Weird bucket list item, I admit, but it's basically just Trying new foods.

  14. Have a photo shoot: Love this because we need pictures for our Instagram (@djikseablog) and it's just really fun. You pack different outfit, force a good friend to take pics of you and get instafamous! You can try different makeup looks, hairstyle and locations for each picture. Might want to do a Ugly Location Photo Challenge...

  15. Have a pool party: We got a pool last year and I wanted to do a pool party and never did it but this year is the year! I want to do an End of the summer pool party the be sad about school starting again but also happy because it's a pool party.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope these ideas will help you make your own summer bucket list and get you to have a great summer. Tell us in the comment sections what you want to do this summer.

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