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How to have the best summer yet

I love summer, it's a perfect world where there's no school and no reason to complain! Although we always find something like "it's too hot", "the pool is too cold" or, the one I'm going to be talking about today, "I don't know what to do".

It's true, in the summer times we have so much free time on our hands that we just don't know what to do. It messes with our heads to be busy 24/7 for the whole year and then have completely no obligation. I get so busy during the school year that I get really excited for summer and tell myself I'm going to be doing a bunch of stuff and then don't end up doing anything because I'm too lazy or just addicted to procrastination.

I've found a few ways to make great memories during the summer time and to spend the minimum of time being lazy and procrastinating, here they are!

1. Write your bucket list BEFORE summer starts;

I love making lists, espicially bucket lists. I always make one for summer to write what I know I'm going to do, what I want to do and crazy things I know I probably won't be able to do but still want to. It's a great idea to be able to just take a look at your list when you're bored because it automatically gives you ideas of things to do. I HIGHLY suggest making it before summer starts for the following reasons:

  • You're more likely to have ideas;

  • It'll make you even more excited for summer, therefor making you want to do these things more;

  • You'll be able to plan a little more ahead of time and make sure to have time for everything.

Don't be afraid to write whatever on that list. You can also write the names of the people you want to do these things with and plan with them. I think it's really fun to make my summer bucket list look really fun with drawings, colors and different fonts, it really motivates me. I made a post with ideas of things you can write on your bucket list one or two years ago, click here to read it and get inspired.

2. Take lots of pictures;

My mom is a bit of a photographer at heart and I definitely got that gene from her and so whenever I do a fun activity I try to take pictures of myself, the place or a group picture with the people I'm doing the activity with. You can get really cool pics if you just try, I'm not a model but I definitely got a few great pictures for my Instagram when at a cool place. You can take pictures with your phone, a camera or, my favorite way, a poloroid. I really enjoy taking poloroid pictures because I get put them in my room and whenever I pass by them I remember the good times I had and it makes me really happy.

3. Maybe film a vlog;

I'm a bit obsessed with vlogs and so I have filmed a few. The last few trips I went on, I vlogged my experience. I get a LOT of footage and I like seeing all of it when I edit them and my friends really like to see what went down during my trips. I vlogged a little school trip with my friends and when I showed them the finish result they really like it (leave a like if you're in that vlog). If you don't have an editing software or just don't enjoy editing, you can just film and not make a video with the footage you have.

4. Whenever you have an idea, just do it;

Sometimes (or, let's be honest, most of the time) we say we want to do stuff and never actually do it, but why not? I mean, even if there is not way on earth you can do something right when you think about it, like a little party with your friends, you can always plan it for the future. If you do it or plan it right when you think about it, you are 100% most likely to do it, right? Call a friends, a swquad or a family member and tell them about your idea. Set a time, a place and voila!

5. Think about things you can do by yourself;

If you really want to always have something to do or just a way to have fun, you should think of activities you can do by yourself. Sometimes, people are not available and so you just tell yourself: "Oh great this didn't work, better get back to netflix and eating doritos", but that's not the way to go! On your bucket list, write activities you can do by yourself, like developping a skill, reading, tanning, shopping, etc. On the next point, I'm going to talk about passion because that's something you can often do by yourself, except if your passion is a team sport.

6. Find your passion or work on it;

I'd say that my passion is art, I really like painting and drawing, and I really want to get better at it during the summer. If you also like painting and drawing, it's really easy to work on it because you don't really need much and you can do it in the comfort of your own home. A passion can be about everything from reading to football and so working on it can be a little more difficult for some people. I say there's always a way, so if you like swimming, you can go to your local swimming pool and work on it, if you like reading, go pick up a bunch of books at a librairy, if you really like volunteering, look up events that might need volunteers.

7. Read:

At the beginning of each summer, my mom always took me and my brother to the librairy to pick up book. I still do it to this day because I love the fact that if I ever get bored to death, I can just read one of the books I picked out. I don't really like reading, but the option's there. It's always the last thing I do because it's not my favorite... But if you like reading, definitely pick up a bunch of books at the librairy and give yourself the challenge to read at least a certain number of them.

8. Become a volunteer;

Volunteering is definitely one of the most useful and generous things you can do this summer and it'll be great if you even just try it out for one day. I'm pretty used to volunteering at events and all because of my school program and I know it can seem itimidating when it's actually not that bad. It's easy to find places and events that need volunteers to set up chairs, give wather to runners or pretty much anything. You can look up online organism that are asking for help and e-mail them for more info. Make sure you know who's organising it and what you'll be doing there to avoid confusion. I always find someone to go with me so I can actually have fun doing whatever but sometimes I can't find any body and that's fine too. I usually go with someone the first time (if it's not a one time event) so I don't get lost and feel stressed the whole time I'm there.

9. Start a blog or a YouTube channel;

Obviously, I'm going to suggest this because that's what I do. Me and Léonie started this blog because we were bored one summer and it turned out to be really fun. I can spend so much time taking pictures, planning tweets and, my favorite thing, writting. I know I need to get better at it and that's why I'm planning on posting as much as possible this summer. Starting a YouTube channel is a great hobby for people that love editing and... well you can love anything because your YouTube channel can be about anything you'd like it to be.

10. Spend time with the people you care about;

During the year, we always find excuses to not hang out with our family and sometimes our friends and we miss out on really good times. I know that homeworks and studies that a lot of my time and I often don't have time to go shopping with my mom, go see my brother's games, play video games with my dad or whatever activities we can do together and I really regret that. I want to spend time with my family during the summer and make good memories with them. I also want to spend time with friends I don't see a lot during the school year because we study a lot, work or have an other obligations.

That's a wrap for this post and almost a wrap for this school year (for me at least)!

I hope you can have a great summer with these tips and don't forget to write a comment about what you're planning to do. Like this post by clicking the little heart beside the share buttons.

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Love y'all!

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