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How to be ready for finals - End of the year studying tips

Hello fellow students (I'm guessing)! Isn't so nice and refreshing to see summer approaching so fast? Or is it really stressful and scary because finals are also approching?

I have A LOT of exams coming up! I wish that I could say "I have 4 sciences exams, 2 math exams, a huge history exam and a french reading exam coming soon" as a joke, but I can't. I'm going to have to get ready for all of these with all the things I've learned during the year and more, because my teachers haven't taughed me every thing I need to know for my exams, of course.

So I thought that, instead of stressing our and having yet another panic attack, I'd share tips and tricks to help you study and finish all the school work you need to finish for the end of the year.

Let's get started!

Make a study planner

This is the first thing I am recommending because it's the first thing you should so. I always make a study planner as soon as I get my schedule for finals. I usually have one exam or two per day, depending on the day, for about a week. I haven't been given my schedule yet, but I know how I'm going to plan out my time as soon as I get it.

In order to make a study planner, you need a monthly spread (I like printing or drawing one from Pinterest) pens and pencils and... Yeah that's pretty much it. Unless you want to be really artsy, you don't need much. I always keep it on my desk at home so I can always have it in sight when I'm studying. I normally keep all important dates on my phone, on my Google Calendar, but I don't like keeping my planned study times on my phones. I still write my exams but that's it.

I use one color to note each exam (example: orange for math, red for english, blue for french...) and I use the same colors to write when I'm going to study for that exam. So if I have a science exam, I'll write science in blue and all my study periods in blue. To distinguish the study periods from the exam, I'll try to use a variation of the color I chose of a different from.

That's it! It's pretty easy and useful to have when finals just seem like too much to handle (it always does). You can always make it fun by adding doodles on the sides or whaterver you heart desires!

Talk to your friends (+study groups)

You probably feel really stressed out right now and that's completely normal. Others do too. That's why I suggest you go talk to your friends about the stress your all going through.

That way, you can share tips and ideas. You can also plan study session so you can study as a group (the best way to study). I like studying with a group to make sure I know every thing, to make sure my friends know everything and to learn new techniques to remember what I need to. We always make inside jokes during those sessions and they really help me remember specific details and all about the exam.

Be careful not to take this studying time for granted and to actually not study at all. It's really important that you stay focussed. Having people with you is helpful when you want to quiz eatch others on the subject and it becomes useless when you start ignoring your responsibilities.

Prepare flash cards in advance, a Quizlet or a Kahoot (the best) so every thing is ready when you friends come at your house or when you go at their's.

Make summaries of your notes (for visual learners)

By the end of the year, I'm sure you've accumulated a lot of papers and notes from all your classes and I think a great way to remember all of those things is to make summaries. You can write the most important pieces of informations and shorten them to make them easier to comprehend.

I say that this styding technique is for visual learners, because you can add a lot of colors, drawings and diagrams and those really help me, as a visual learner. I can really understand everything better in my own handwritting and with lots of colors.

Try to keep every thing as simple and understandable FOR YOU. These summaries are for you and you only, so make them as YOU can understand.

Look up inspiration on Pinterest for different fonts, headers and ways to group informations. I mean, you don't have to make things super conplicated but it does help to make every thing prettier. You can write your titles in different colors or highlight them.

Watch YouTube videos (for verbal learners)

If you're a verbal learner, maybe looking at your notebook doesn't help you remember things and maybe you only need to hear them outloud. If so, I suggest you look up what you need to learn on YouTube and watch what pops-up!

This trick is so simple but it's really great because every thing is on YouTube! (Even Djiksea, we now have YouTube channel) Don't be too specific in your research because you might not find any thing.

If you're studying for your history exam, try to look up the year, the war or the historical character you need to know about on the search bar.

Talk to your teachers

Your teachers are the ones who give you the exams, right? They're not always the ones who make them, but they have expirience and know what's usually in them. So it's kind of a good idea to talk to your teachers when the exams are coming up, just saying.

You can go to remidial classes during lunch, if your teachers offer them, because teachers usually tell the students who are coming to those hints about what's going to be in the exam. You can ask them questions and take notes!

If none of your teachers have remedial classes, you can try to, you know, listen in class. Yes, it is almost impossible. If you accendentaly miss one second or two of the teacher talking (or maybe an hour) you can always:

a) Raise your hand to ask her/him to repeat;

b) Wait until the end of the class to ask your friends.

Your friends might get annoyed of you do the second option all the time.. just saying.

Do the excercises they tell you to do and write the notes they tell you to write because those are probably thing that are going to be helpful for you later.

Quiz yourself

After studying for a while and reading your notes, making summaries of your notes, watching YouTube videos, talking to your teacher and talking to your friends, there's not much you can do. Except quizing yourself!

You can quiz yourself uding the website Quizlet or making fashcards. Here are little reviews (by me) of these two methods:

Quizlet: So easy and fun to use! It works with terms and definitions, so you write a word and then you write what it means. With those term/definitions, Quizlet creates virtual flash card and (like the name) quizzes to help you learn those terms and definitions.

Flash card: I bet your know how to use flashcards, so... I'm just going to say that writting things really helps remembering and so it's kind of a two-in-one thing (writting and quizzing to remember).

Here it is! Those are all my tips to be ready for finals and my favorite study tips! I hope that they'll be helpful to you and that they'll help you get the best grades you can.

We believe in you!

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Love y'all! ❤️

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