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Where to go shopping - My go-to fashion stores

I really love shopping. I do! I'm a fashionista and seeing all the newest trends in a stores makes me happy. It can be stressful at times but I always manage to find at least one item at the stores I am going to list today.

These are places I like to go as a teenager and you may not agree with all of them. I want to hear your opinions in the comment section down below. If you can think of one or more stores, tell me in the comment section and I might edit this post to add it.

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Now, let me tell you about my favorite clothing stores.

1. Simons

Simons is for sure one of my favorite clothing store.It's a big company, you can can find stores all over Canada (in Québec, in Ontario, in Alberta and in British Columbia).

The sell a lot of popular (and expensive) brands (like Fila, Adidas, Kappa...) but the also have their own lines. They sell clothes by very popular designers that you've probably seen in runways but I don't really like shopping for high-end clothing, so I'm just going to talk about what I love most about Simons.

My favorite section is one of Simons own lines: Twik. I like it the most because I feel like that's where the trendiest clothes are because they are mostly made for teens. You can't miss this section because it is definitely very colorful. Works well for me because I love colors! I feel like they sell a lot of retro clothes and that's really great.

They always follow the latest trends and they make good quality clothes. They can be a little more expensive than what I like to spend on clothes but it's definitely worth it because they last for a very long time.

If your style is more sophisticated than Twik, you should go check out their sections Icône and Contemporaine. I really like Icône because what they sell is still very trendy but a little more put together, if I may say. Their clientele isn't only teens, you know?

2. Forever 21

You probably know this brand... Actually.... You definitely you this brand but I'm going to tell you about it any way.

Forever 21 is a clothing store basically everywhere with cheap but cute clothes. What they sell is very trendy and I really like their style. They do have a lot of options for a lot of different people and I really like that because sometimes I like to be girly and sometimes I like to be a little more edgy.

I've found a lot of pants, dresses and simple t-shirts that I really like. The inseam on their pants and jeans are really tall and that's fantastic if you have long legs like me. When I buy them at other stores, they tend to arrive at my ankle while those at Forever 21 fit me perfectly. Some of the bottoms I have tried from them before were too long for me and I have to say that that never happens. The models on their website are often 5'9" and the pants they model fit them very well.

I have to warn you that, if you like very good quality, this store probably isn't for you. Don't get me wrong, some of the stuff I've bought there has lasted a while and I really liked but that's not the case for everything. Just be careful and look at the fabrics.

3. Urban Outfitters

For real, this store is my new obsession. As silly as it may sound, I hadn't checked them out until just recently and I'm so glad I did because I love them so much. They are expensive but everything is just so cute! I don't only recommend their clothes but also their accessories.

They probably have the trendiest clothes out of this list because everybody buys it. The more people have it, the trendier it is and everyone has their clothes. I'm lucky because not many people buy their stuff where I live but I always see them everywhere on Instagram. They sell a lot of aesthetic clothes. Their style is very Emma Chamberlain, if I may say.

You can find a lot of pastel and colorful clothing and they have a lot of girly stuff. For example, their dresses are very flowy and cute and they have square neckline tops (which I never find anywhere so thank you) and that screams girly to me. If that's not your style, don't worry, they have more than that. They have a lot of mom jeans and graphic t-shirt that are vey retro.

I wouldn't recommend if you don't like paying a lot for clothes or if you don't like showing a lot of body, because most of their tops are cropped. Of course you can find stuff that isn't very showing but they do have more cropped shirts, camis and sweaters that regular sized shirts, camis and sweater. Most of their clothes cost between 50 and 100$ so I don't go there often but when I want one really nice item.

4. Thrift shops

Recently, I've really loved thrift shopping. That's when you go buy old clothes, basically, and, although it might not sound really fresh, I really like it. I've been trying to reduce my waste and be more conscious of the environment and thrift shopping is really good. I've worked in a fast fashion clothing store and I know how bad it is for the planet because all the clothes come in plastic bags and the workers can't recycle those.

When you thrift shop, you don't produce a ton a garbage because you reuse clothes. I really encourage people to try it out because I thought I wouldn't like it at first but I did. I just wash the clothes when I get home and I'm good!

I didn't name a thrift shop in particular because I know it can vary depending on where you live. I like to go to Value Village because that's what's close to my house and a lot of people, including myself, donate clothes there.

I like to go check out every section and go nuts because everything is so cheap. I don't have to set up a price limit or anything. I go check out the women section first because that's where I like to find dresses and shirts and sometimes pants (but not often because as I said earlier I am kind of tall and most pants don't fit me) and then the men section for graphic t-shirts and jackets.

Thank you so much for reading about my favorite stores! Don't forget to write yours in the comment section to help others out and to check out the ones in this post. If you want us to write a post all about shopping and our tips and tricks to find clothes we like, like this post. We want to make content you like!

You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Go read our other fashion posts, they can also help you and your style.

Love y'all!

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