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Spring fashion essentials for 2019

Hello everybody, I hope you're having a great day. in today's post, we'll discuss the trends of this spring. I want to talk about what you should have in your wardrobe and how you can style it.

If you want more fashion tips, we talk about it in many of our post so feel free to go check them out. We talked about shoes, outfit ideas (OOTW), the trends of the year, fall trends, how to style basic clothing and how to find your style.

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Maybe you've see this trend come back this winter, I know I have, but it's said to come back stronger during the spring. Fishnet stockings may seem really edgy or even emo, but they're actually pretty easy to wear and add a lot to a simple dress & shoes look. I think they look really good with either little boots or high heels. You can wear them under a skirt, a dress or under ripped jeans.

I have to admit that these aren't my favorites. I prefer the ones that are a bit more original, like the ones with flowers on them, glitter or that are just made in weird patterns. The ones in the pictures bellow are really cute and a bit more girly that the typical edgy fishnets.

Flared jeans

You probably know that flared jeans were a big trend in the 70s but did you know that they are going to make a come back this spring? I've heard many people say that they are annoying and even ugly but I disagree for a few different reason.

1. They make your legs look longer:

2. They are usually very high waisted and everything high waisted is a god sent;

3. They are a great statement piece;

4. Retro/Vintage pieces are a must.

The 70s aesthetic is so great! With those pants, the look is really easy to finish. You can wear them with a simple graphic t-shirt and Nike sneakers. If you want to be a little more extra, choose a boho blouse instead of a t-shirt and wear platform high heels, like the ones you see in every 70s movie and fashion advertisement.

Or flared pants

If you're not a big fan of denim, you can wear flared pants instead of flared jeans. They are also super cute but they can be a little harder to match with other pieces in your closet. You can always get inspiration from Pinterest but that doesn't help the fact that they are also harder to find. I've seen some on the Forever 21 website but I don't know if the have those models.

Square Necklines

Have you ever heard of the YouTube channel BestDressed? The YouTuber behind it, Ashley, has them in many of her lookbooks and that's how I first heard of this trend. I think it's going to be very popular this Spring because I've been seeing them more and more in stores recently and they are just so freaking cute! It's such a romantic clothing piece and it looks good on everyone.

I highly suggest you go read this article to see more variations of this trend. I think these tops go especially well with denim, either it's a skirt or a pair of pants, it looks really good. In the picture above, the model is wearing a green square neckline blouse with black jeans and it looks so good! The fact that the jeans are straight legged really showcase the shirt.


I didn't think I'd like to wear clothes made of yarn during the Spring but my mind has totally changed. Crochet has been implanted in many article of clothing, recently. I've seen it in shoes, skirts, pants, shirts... But the most commun thing I've see, and I'm not mad, are cropped camis made of crochet.

The look so summery but you can still wear them in the spring if you live somewhere really hot. I live in Canada, so I can't but I'd love to. You can wear them with simple jeans or with pattered pants. They go great with boho pieces. I've seen them at Garage, Forever 21 and many online stores. Also, like I said earlier, there are so many options. Just look at this matching outfit:

It's really a festival look, too bad Coachella is over! You can still wear this look for Instagram or to be that really cool trendy fashionista on the street.

The color of the season: LILAC

You've probably heard me talk about this color in last posts and I guess it's because I really love it. I'm so glad that it characterizes this year fashion-wise. It's so girly and cute but you can style it however you want. I'm going to put a few pictures down bellow to show you what I mean.

I found those pictures on Pinterest and I think that they both wear the color really wear. The first girl decided to go for a more edgy and aesthetic (which I'm all about) and it surprisingly goes really well with the color lilac. The soft color goes really well with the dad shoes and the over sized pants. The second girl went for a sweeter look with a flowy dress. It's what I was thinking of when I said that lilac can be a really girly and cute color.

So that's it, those are the biggest trends of this spring aka the fashion essentials you'll need. If you don't agree with me or you can think of more essentials, just comment them down bellow. We really want to hear your opinions about this post and our blog.

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Love y'all, Laurie

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