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Shoes 101 - Shoes you need in 2019

In 2019, accessories have been a realy big thing. People wear cool belts, sunglasses, earings and much more, including shoes. Shoes are a really important part of an outfit because they just complete it and can define the vibe that you're going for and I've really been loving the newest trends.

This post is all about the newest trends for shoes and which one(s) you should buy to be cool (of course I have none of them). I feel like you can either love and adore the shoes I'm going to list or absolutely hate them, so make sure to tell us in the comment section.

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White shoes aren't a new thing, they've been pretty big in the past few years too, but we've had a few new models this year that are really popular. They're liked by pretty much everyone because they match with literally every thing and every style.

Nike Air Force 1

Those definitely aren't new, but they look great with retro outfits because they are actually retro and were designed in 1982. You can buy them for 120 CAD on the Nike website if you are interested. If you don't like the white look, you can design your own and chose a color you like and it usually looks really cool, especially with pastel colors.

Fila Disruptor 2 Premium

Fila has gotten a lot of attention recently because of the Fila Disruptors and their dad shoe look which some people absolutely hate and others are living for them, I'm personnaly living for them because they just look so cool to me. They're so chunky they make you wonder if you're wearing shoes or bricks and I think that's fun. My favorites are the ones that are completely white, but many people like the ones with little navy blue and red details. They also come in other colors but they're not as big so we're just going to ignore them for today. They cost 65$ and I like that they're so much less expensive than the Nike Air Force 1.

Reebok Aztrek

I've never really been a fan of the brand Reebok but I really like this one shoe. The Aztreks were originally released in 1993 and they were re-released in 2019 to please all the teenagers who are obsessed with the 90s (including myself). They come in mostly white but have the signature Reebok ''wave'' and other details in colors. My favorites are the ones with the salmons and orange details but I also like the whites with blue and neon green details. Reebok has other color options but I think those are the best ones so I'll only include those in this post. You can buy them on the official website for 130$.


In the boot category, one brand has really been sticking out this year and it's Dr. Marten so this section will mainly focus on them but I'll also name a few other options if those are too edgy and emo for you.

Vagabond ALICE

I just recently learned that this brand existed and I'm obssesed with the heals on their shoes. Especially on the Alice's, the heals are a little bigger than what I'm used to seeing and it's just such a look. The boot is just really simple and has a heal that looks a little like a triangle that never had the time to form completely (sounds weird, but look at the picture just bellow, it's called a block heal). They come in a few different colors and height. I don't have a favorite color but I think that the cutest are the ones that arrive a little over your ankle. They look really ''sleek and feminine'' has they say on their website (and I agree). They are 160$ which is really sad and expensive.

Note: Even thought I really like these shoes, the better option for 2019 would be to have them in white. Many people would not agree and say that white boots aren't pretty but I really like the white boots trend. I think that white boots (especially these) give a really nice look to so many outfits and make them a lot more original and flashy.

Hunter Original Chelsea boots

Hunter definitely has cute rain boots but my favorites for 2019 are the original chealsea boots. Because I'm extra and neon has been really popular this year, I really like the Candy Floss ones (I know they're not exactely neon but they are pretty bright). They just look really cute and ankle boots are a big trends that you should definitely try. If pink is not really your color, my next favorite are the glossy yellow ones. They look like children rain boots but that's what makes them really cool. They are both 160$.

Dr. Martens

Now for the shoe brand of the year: Dr. Marten! I think that these have gotten a lot of attention this year because every influencer on the planet owns a pair, most likely the 1460.


You've probably seen them every where but they are leather boots with ''wider'' feet and a more cinched ankle. They come in many colors, some with added design like flowers or fake stickers. I really like the plain black 1460 smooth (184.99$) but the black vegan (184.99$) has also been pretty big recently. If you like the look but are tired of seeing the black ones every where, I highly suggest the white 1460 smooth (184.99$). They look really good in black but the white ones really stick out of the bunch. White boots are a little unsual but also really trendy and cute. If they are still not enough for you, don't be afraid to try Pascal Flower (224.99$) with 3D details or the Pascal Wanderlust (194.99) that are covered with a flower design.

Chelsea boots

Another boot I like from Dr. Martens is the Clelsea boot. I have mentioned it before with the brand Hunter, but these are different, okay? They are still made with really high quality leather like the 1460 but these one have a little wider foot, the arrive just a little over the ankle and have no laces. They still have the signature yellow stitches and are really easy to wear. I have to say that I really like the 2976 Slip Resistant because they have this almost mate finish and the iconic parts of the Dr.Martens shoes. I also really like that the fabric on the side is a mesh fabric and not the usual... Normal fabric. If you really want the most popular boots of 2019, I actually think that the1460 would be better for you.


I know that most of the shoes I've named so far were casual but the ones I'm going to name aren't part of the 2 previous categories.

Nike Air Max 97

I didn't see those that much this year but I wish I did because they look so good. Basically, they're sneakers with line details all over the sides that makes them look very futuristic and cool. They come in so many colors so I'm sure you're going to be able to find one that matches your style. Most of them are about 230$ but the cheapest are 150,99$. Like I said, they come in a lot of different colors so I'm not going to be able to include pictures of them all, I'm just going to include my favorites. I really like the Essentials in pink and in blue (but I have to say that the blue color is absolutely gorgeous) and the pink Premium.

Those are my top shoes for 2019. I hope you enjoyed this post and got some inspiration out of it. We post a lot about fashion so make sure to subscribe so you get notified when we post something new and read our latest posts.

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Love y'all! ❤️

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