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OOTW - Outfit inspiration

Hi! My name is Laurie and I'm a fashion enthusiaste. I don't show it much through my style, thought... I go to school five days out of seven and I usually want to look more chill and casual.

I wanted to write this post because I was hoping it would motivate me to go out of my comfort zone and experience more with fashion. It kind of did, I liked my outfits, but it wasn't crazy and super fun (if you want me to try crazy style, leave a comment!).

Any way, these are my outfits for the week! I hope you like them an that they'll inspire you!

I had no school Monday, so I my OOTW starts on Tuesday.


Skirt: Forever 21

Shirt: Simons

Sweater: H&M

Leggings: Lululemon (i think...?)

Shoes: Globo

Little bonus: Léonie took this picture of me when I heard people coming our way and didn't want to explain that we were taking pictures for a blog post:

I had decided to wear a skirt, even thought it was EXTREMELY cold outside! I even went outside during my lunch break to take pictures with Léonie. I really like the outfit, because the skirt gives me 90s vibes and I wore one of my favorite shirt. I looove the show Friend and my friend gave me this shirt for Christmas.


For day 2, I wante to try a look a little retro and inspired by the 90s. That's why I wore my mom jeans and a vintage t-shirt.

T-Shirt: Trifted (I'm so sorry I don't even know who the band is)

Pants: Forever 21 (the belt came with the pants).

Chocker: H&M

I really liked wearing this, because I felt really aesthetic and I matched my makeup with my shirt. I used warm orange colors on my eyes. My look was really completed.


At the end of day 3, I needed to do some volunteer work and they asked us to dress in black and white, so that's what I did.

T-Shirt: Urban Planet

Cami: Forever 21

Pants: Thrifted

This outfit was really fun for me because I usually don't layer clothes and I thought it looked really cool and fun.

Day 4 (FRIDAY)

I was feeling a little lazy on friday so I just put together this outfit. I don't really like it but it's okay, I guess.

T-Shirt: Urban Planet

Pants: Vero Moda

Chocker: H&M


For Saturday I had an all Vero Moda outfit.

Sweater: Vero Moda

Pants: Vero Moda

This outfit was so cozy! I wear it quite often and I love it so much. Red is one of my favorite colors so.

Day 6 (SUNDAY)

I didn't really take a OOTD pic on Sunday because I spent the whole day studying, but I took this picture for Instagram.

Shirt: Forever 21

Leggings: Garage

Sunday I wanted to be comfortable for my study day and also look good because I wanted to film a Study With Me.

This is what I wore for the week, I hope you thought it looked good! If you like my style, go read my other fashion post to help you dress better and be yourself.

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