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  • Léonie

Random things that will CHANGE your skincare game

In 2019, you need to STEP IT UP. Your outfits and your makeup needs to be snatched. To have a smooth makeup application your skin also needs to be smooth... This is how you can do it!

1.Drink a lot of water

The most underrated skincare tip of all time is DRINKING LOTS OF WATER! Trust me...I didn't really believe that it could clear up my skin before i actualy did it. It freaking worked.. I was shocked. In average, an adult woman is supposed to drink 9 cups of water per day and an man is supposed to drink 13 cups per day.

(If you want to know more about water, check out or post : How to drink A LOT of water)

2.Overnight pimple cream

My skincare secret is overnight pimple cream. Put the cream on the blemish before going to sleep (after washing your face) and the next morning, it's gone. By the way, you need to wash your face in the morning and before going to sleep EVERYDAY. You need to get over your laziness and remove your makeup....EVERYDAY. That's what your need to do if you want clear skin for 2019.

3. Don't scrub your face!

Do not scrub your face. Scrubbing your face activates your pores and makes them produce more oil that clogs your pores which creates pimples.... I know it's gross! Make sure to wash your face in the shower or spash water in your face ( just like the commercials lol) to remove your face wash. Just don't use a cloth... To dry your face you can just let it air dry or you can GENTLY pat your face with a dry cloth.

Fun fact: The skincare lady at Shopper's Drug Mart taught me this...I have not washed my face with a cloth ever since!


Stress is one of the main reasons that we get pimples. That's why we get pimples on the worst occasions ever. The days before a stressful, don't overthink...,live in the moment. Relax. Do things that you love and that relieves stress for you. You can draw, dance, do yoga , go for a run or anything you like.

I just hope that these little tips can help you from getting pimples... These tricks really worked for me and I'm pretty sure that they will work for you too!

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Léonie <3

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