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Finding my style - How to find yours (Budget meets fashionista)

Hello everyone! If this is your first time on Djiksea, let me introduce myself: I'm Laurie, I like writing about fashion and lifestyle on this blog that I share with my friend Léonie.

Today's post is all about my quest to finding my style for cheap and all the tips I can give you to help you in your own journey. I really enjoy fashion but I never really had a specific aesthetic and that was making me kind of mad, so I looked up tips on the Internet and I tried them out. Not going to lie, most of them never really worked for me and I never had a big budget to go on a shopping spree and just buy stylish. I still made it work and here's how.

Before I start, I'm going to link a few of my posts about fashion that could inspire you and help you.

1. Create a Pinterest board:

This is the first one I'm listing because it's my favorite tip. It's the most useful one! By creating a Pinterest board all about your new style, it'll be easier for you to see what kind of clothes, of brands or colors you like. Pinterest has so many aesthetic pictures that you can get inspiration from. I made one called Finding my style 2019 ( and it made me realize how much I like the retro and art hoe aesthetic. Here's are pictures of the board to help you understand what I mean.

Having a Pinterest board to see overall what I like has really been helpful to me and I highly suggest you try this method too and follow my board if you think your style is similar to mine.

2. Try a quiz

This definitely won't totally help you, but I like the idea. I think that as long as you don't do Buzzfeed quizzes, you'll be alright. Okay so what you can do is just look up "How to find my style quiz" and see what comes up! You can also look up "What's my aesthetic quiz" or anything related to that. The result might not be completely accurate, but I really like doing quiz to get an overall idea of what I'm asking myself.

3. Clean out your closet

Now that you know what you like, you're going to need to get rid of all the old clothes you don't like anymore in your closet. You don't need to get rid of every thing that doesn't match your new style, you need to get rid of:

  • What's broken (has a noticeable rip, is stained, missing buttons...);

  • What you haven't worn in a year (or more)

  • What's too big/too small.

You can throw the broken clothes away but you should give what's fine to a charity. If you don't know where to go, don't worry, you can just do a quick internet search to see what's in your area.

4. Go thrift shopping/Thrift flip

This is a tip for those who don't mind wearing clothes that have already been worn. Go to a thrift shop close to your house and look around. Actually, you should really look at EVERY THING! You never know what you're going to find there and, most of the time, things don't look like they're going to fit you well when they actually look bomb. Go look in both sections: men and women. If you want dresses, don't look in the men's section, but if you're looking for a good jacket, that's where you should go. I have to warn you that you may not find anything, but you may also find every thing. It depends on your motivation and how you look at things (give them a chance).

After you've found a bunch of good-looking (or semi-good looking)clothes for about a dollar each, you can DIY them to your liking. There are a bunch of YouTube videos to help you get inspired and to know how to do it. Just type "Thrift flip" in the search bar.

5. Online shopping

I understand if thrift shopping isn't for you, so here's my next tip: shopping online. The reason why I love online shopping is that it's easy to see everything. When you're in a store, you see a pile of clothes and that's it, but online you see how the clothes look on a person. You see how to wear them and the stores usually link similar products under the picture of the model. What I do is I just had all the things I like in my basket and then I look at what I got and I ask myself a few questions: "Do I really like this?", "Will it fit me weird?", "Is this my color?" and finally "What's the fabric like?". Then, I use Honey to find the best prices and save as much as I can. Click here to get it for free: . Also, when the clothes arrive at your house, it's like receive a present and it's really fun! I suggest you online shop at clothing stores that are close to your house, so that if you need to return clothes, you don't have to send them back by the mail.

These are all my tips to help you find your style and be more aesthetic/trendy/fashionnable for has little money as possible. I hope you succeed and that you're able to wear what you want to wear. Fashion is about being yourself and having fun!

If this post helped you get inspired and motivated, you shoul share it, like it and even comment on it. You can also follow us on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. Go read our other fashion posts, they can also help you find your style.

XOXO - Laurie

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