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2019 fashion

Hi! Welcome to Djiksea, a blog about fashion, makeup, lifestyle and much more!

We really like discovering the newest trends and we're kinda curious about what to expect for 2019. A popular resolution is to discover your own style or improve it and we wanted to help the people with this resolution! If you want to read our other fashion posts, click on the one(s) you want.

Any way, this post is to tell you what we think what fashion trends are going to be the most popular this year and why you should start wearing them right now.


Here are a few of the colors that are said to be really popular in 2019:

  • Beige: It's sophisticated, it's fancy and it looks really good;

  • Lilac: This is a cute little color for all the pastel lovers;

  • Tumeric: This is a mix of orange and yellow and you'll most definetely start seeing it in stored soon;

  • Neon: I didn't want to give specific example, but neon was really popular on the runway in 2018 and many believe will be in our wardrobes this year.

Mixed prints

Layers have been a pretty big thing in 2018 with all the 80s and 90s aesthetic (and I'm not mad about it) but this year we might spice it up a bit with different prints an colors. The look is a bit risque but it's worth the try. Here are a few prints ideas to inspire you:

  • Checkers;

  • Florals;

  • Colorful striped (they're still going strong);

  • Plaid;

  • Tie-dye (not a fan of this one, must admit);

  • Animal prints (please not again);

  • Paisley prints.


You know how a bunch of 90s trends came back in 2018? Mom jeans, fanny packs, plaid bottoms... They're still going to be pretty big, but here are a few other trends that we think are going to come back in 2019.

  • Vests;

  • Ruffles;

  • Puff sleeves;

  • Suits and matching sets;

  • Gladiator sandals.


Now that your outfit is on point, let's take a look at what you can do to your face.

  • Glitter;

  • A LOT of highlighter (also illuminate your eyes with white highliner);

  • Bold lip and eyes;

  • Pink and pastels.

Those are all of our predictions for this year, we hope this post was helpful to you. If it was, post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #fashion2019 for others to see.

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Love you all!


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