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2019 goals and resolutions

If you know me, you've probably heard me say: ''Meh I don't even care about New Years resolutions, they're stupid''. The thing is that I just fell down a hole of inspirationnal blog posts and youtube videos about them and now I'm really motivated!

This post is just to inspire you and help you figure out your goals and resolutions for the upcoming year, good luck!

  1. Grow the Djiksea community: You are reading a post on, but not many people are and I want this blog to get a little more readers. I really like writing, but maybe the things I'm writing are not right or I'm not doing a great job at promoting them. Either way, I need to change my ways. I will use my social media handles more to promote this blog and have fun doing it. I don't want more readers for money or anything, this is just my passion and I want to get better at it.

  1. Have 1500 Instagram followers: I love to model, but I'm not tall enough to do it as a job. Instagram is great for me, because I can take pictures and model even thought I'm not the right height, but I don't have many followers on there. I don't know if it's too much or not enough, I guess we'll see! If you want to help me reach my goal, my Instagram is @djikseablog (

  1. Finish all the Harry Potter books: I HAAAAATE reading but I started reading the Harry Potter books a while back and never finish the serie. I'm currently at Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

  1. Get ripped for my trip to Costa Rica: Many people want to get really fit to feel pretty but I actually want to get fit to not die while I'm traveling. On my trip to Costa Rica, I'm supposed to walk a lot and do many activities I'm not sure I have the muscle mass for. I want to become super strong, so I can enjoy this adventure instead of whining the whole time.

  1. At least 80% on my exams: I'm not the smartest in my class, but that may be because I'm not trying enough. I'm not proud of the results I had this year and it's one of the most important so I really need to be better. I want to spend more time studying and working and less time procrastinating and watching Netflix.

  1. No electronics an hour before bed: I don't have insmomnia but I often have trouble falling asleep and I have told that I need to not use electronics for one hour before bed. THIS IS PRETTY MUCH IMPOSSIBLE FOR ME. Which is why I will start with 15 minutes, then 30 and so on. I really hope this works!

  1. Volunter more: I am supposed to do 21 hours of volunter work this year because of my school program and I'm not mad because it's really nice and all but I don't have much time. I couldn't do much in 2018 so I'm going to have to do a lot more in 2019. If I can do more than what I'm supposed to do, I'll be super happy.

  1. Make my household as Zero Waist as possible: I'm really preoccupied about the enviroment and I think me and my familly aren't doing enough. We try to recycle as much as possible, but I think we can always do more. I want to start producing less trash.

  1. Develop my makeup skills: I thought that I was pretty good at makeup until I started following James Charles, Jeffrey Star and Emery Bingham on YouTube. I have done a few posts on makeup but I want to make more and have more experience.

Those are my goals and resolution for 2019. I know it'll be hard to keep them, but I'll see what I can do!

Wish you the best of luck with your goals and I hope this post inspired you enough to make your own and keep them.

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