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How to style basic clothing - Budget Meets Fashionista

You know that moment when you realize that the only clothes you want to wear are your most comfortable skinny jeans and your plain black t-shirt? I do, but I don't feel really pretty while wearing those.

I've been thinking about how we can mix comfortable and cute and here are the tips I came up with!


Did you ever realize how much accessories can change an outfit? If you choose the right ones, like a nice belt, loop earings or sunglasses, your outfit could go from bleh to WOW.

You can find cute accessories for 10$ or less online, but don't buy earrings there because you don't know if they're going to give you an infection and, if they do, returning them would be a lot harder than just walking to the nearby store where you bought the earrings and getting your money back.

My favorite accessories are belts. I think that if you tuck a basic shirt in your jeans and wear a large belt, it looks really good and is also really cheap and simple. Many celebrities and influencers wear this look and you might've never noticed.

Sunglasses are also pretty cool, especially if the are original because they make your outfit so much stranger but in a good way.

The last accessories I'm going to suggest to you are hats. You can choose from a variety of hats. My favorites are baseball caps because they give a little sporty vibe to casual looks but don't ruin what you've already put together unless your look is really classy. Also, you can find them pretty much anywhere, and they are often under ten dollars.

If you usually when classier clothes, you could wear fedoras, berets or straw hats, depending on what you prefer.

I personally think that military caps and gatsby hats also look really good. They're like baseball caps but less casual.

If you can, I suggest combining a few of these accessories so your outfit looks less simple and a little more put together.


If you wear some kind of coat over your basic outfit, it could look so much better! Don't choose one that's really hot unless you're planning on staying outside or in a really cold room because you'll want to take it off. Try choosing one that match with the style you've chosen, that isn't too hot and that you feel good in.

I really love oversized jean jackets, long tan coats and leather jackets. If it's more your style, you can wear a blazer.


To complete you're not-so-basic-anymore outfit, wear nice shoes! There are so many options out there and sometimes, they aren't that cheap unless you go to the right place at the right time. To find cheap shoes that you like, I suggest signing up to shoes stores newsletters so you can know when they have a sale. If it's still out of your budget, you can go a clothing store because most of them have a little section with shoes and you can find a pair you like for 15 dollars.

Now that you know where you can find cheap shoes, you have to decide what you want to wear between heels and flats. Heels accentuate the walk of a woman and it's one of the reason why it's said that they are ''sexier''. Women wear heels to show off their calves and give them a taller figure. Flats are worn to be more comfortable but it doesn't mean that you can't look good while wearing them. If you want to know more about wearing flats, you can go read this article on CheatSheet.

I've been really into mules lately because they make an outfit less plain and more chic and vintage. Some of them have heels and others are flat so you can choose between confidence and comfort.

How to wear the outfit

Now that you have everything you need for your outfit, here's how you can make it even better!

  1. Make sure the colors and textures you have fit well together;

  2. Tuck in your shirt in your jeans/pants/skirt/short (all in or just the front);

  3. Roll the end of your pants/jeans;

  4. Paint your nails;

  5. Do your hair;

  6. Put on a little makeup;


You can do one or a few of those suggestions, but I do think that the last one is the best one.

In brief, add accessories, a coat and/or nice shoes to your outfit and style it the way that makes YOU feel pretty.

We're so happy to be writing again and even happier that our first post was the first of our new series Budget Meets Fashionista! This series is all about following the newest trends without spending too much money. We're going to talk about fashion and beauty (hair/makeup) and we hope you're going to like it. To know when we'll post the next post of this series, subscribe to our newsletter

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Get ready for some great stuff!

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