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Healthy snack/dessert idea - Banana ice cream

I love ice cream! It’s one of my favorite thing in the world! Unfortunately, when you’re trying to eat healthy, you can’t really eat dairy. Fortunately, there are other options that are healthy and taste delicious: I’m talking banana ice cream. What is that, you might wonder? It’s basically just bananas with flavor.

Here’s how you can make some:

You’ll need:

  • 2 bananas

  • a blender

  • a freezer

To make the plain banana ice cream:

  1. Chop your bananas;

  2. Put them in a plastic bag;

  3. Put the plastic bag in the freezer;

  4. Wait until they’re frozen;

  5. Blend them until smooth.

Healthy banana ice cream recipe

That’s it! As simple as... Mmh... I may not have a reference for this, but it doesn't mean it's not easy!

To add some flavor, you can add:

  • Nut butter;

  • Berries or another fruit;

  • Cinnamon;

  • Vanilla extract;

  • etc.

The quantity depends of your taste, I’m not going to give recipies, but there are a lot on Pinterest that you can go check out. Start by adding just a little bit as you blend the frozen bananas and stop when you’re satisfied.

Pic from

(Go to for a super healthy banana peanut butter ice cream recipe)

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