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I tried developping my flexiblity in one week - How to become flexible fast - Can Alivia D'Andre

Today (March 12, 2018), I discovered a YouTube channel: Alivia D'Andrea. I instantly thought that her videos looked really cool and inspirational and they made me want to develop my flexibility. Unfortunately, I have none. I can barely touch my feet and I feel like I'm about to break from the smallest stretch. I decided to follow her videos for one week and share my results with you.

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Day 1:

I'm kind of scared to break something. Alivia is really flexible, so I probably won't be able to do what she does.

I decided to follow her video: How to get flexible legs just after waking up. At one point, she does a middle split, WHICH I CANNOT DO.

I still decided to follow what she does, but I looked like a... Mmh... What is not flexible and looks like trash... Well, I guess I looked like a trash!

Even if it was really hard, I did my best and I felt pretty good at the end. I was really happy of what I managed to do.

I know that this was just one workout, but I already think I did some progress. I have some after pictures, but I BEG YOU to not judge me for my ugly pajamas and weird messy bun.

One hour after the workout, my legs started to hurt, so I'm guessing I'm going to be sore tomorrow.

Day 3

I didn’t do the pre-workout routine, but I did more stretching. I did the flexible leg video and the flexible back one. I really did my best and I felt like I was getting better. Even if it has only been three days, I did better than when I started and things were much easier to accomplish.

Day 7

Last day... I'm kinda nervous that the whole week was just a waist. I don't feel like it right now, but who knows, if when I compare the pictures I see no progress, I'll probably feel bad. Let's see how I did today...

(Sorry for my PJ...)

Well, I think I did... Great! I started from nothing and, you guys, I WAS ABLE TO PRESS MY JOINTS ON THE FLOOR! Before starting, I could barely touch my toes for a couple seconds, so I feel proud.

If I continue to do those stretches, I could improve even more and that's what I want to do.

In conclusion: I say that Alivia can help you.

I thought her videos were super inspirational and she made me want to do my best. She gives good tips and is really motivational.

My favorite video she made for flexibility is her stretching routine for beginners (I basically did this one every night before going to sleep). As a beginner, it really helped me to have a stretch routine that wasn't too hard, but still pushed me to do the best I could. Go to to see it. If you're looking for a harder routine, she has one for intermediates that you can go check out (

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