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Trying Forever 21 Makeup - Forever 21 72 Shades Eye Shadow Palette - Trying cheap makeup

Makeup is really expensive and it's hard some that does a good job while being cheap. When I look for makeup, the prices are around 60$. I don't want to buy makeup at 60$ the product! Fortunately, I found an eye shadow palette at Forever 21 for 17.90$. The palette has 72 different colors and they all looked really pretty on the Forever 21 site.

Today, I'm giving you an honest review of the Forever 21 72 Shades Eye shadow Palette and then I'm going to try using it.

On the picture, the colors look pretty natural and they're placed from the palest to the darkest. The size of the palette in kind of big, it's not the kind that you would put in your purse to touch up your look a little during the day. It's not surprising when the palette has 72 different colors.

There's not much of each color, and I think that's great for beginners. When you start doing makeup, you don't know what color goes well with your skin color. I tested the palette on my arm and some colors didn't show at all on my skin, no matter how hard I tried. I used one of the applicators that came in the palette, but it didn't go so well.

There was 3 f them. The end of the applicators were flexible and it was hard making the colors show. Sometimes, the applicators that come with makeup are really small, but these were a nice size. They are double sided.

While testing, I realized that all of the colors were sparkly, they all had glitters in them. I was pretty sad about that, because I expected at least a few colors to be dull. I liked some of them for their shine, but others had glitter flying everywhere. After testing the first row of colors, touched my arm to see if there was any excess and this happened:

Yes, that looks pretty. Really pretty... But that's not the point! The point is: this palette is really glittery, bright and shiny. If you're looking for a palette with 72 shiny colors, that's great, but I think that if you have 72 color options, they some have to be a little different.

The first row has pale colors that can really highlight a look. Half of them are close to be white and the other half is a little more colorful. It's really hard to apply them in a way that you can see them, especially with the applicators.

That's what to color looks like. You can't really see the glitters, but you'll notice, in the next picture, that the colors content them. They are pale, but really pretty. It's hard taking a picture of a pale makeup product, so forgive me for the quality of the next picture.

You may be having trouble seeing the colors (if you don't, you have a superpower) and that's totally normal. I had trouble seeing them when they were on my arm and it's even harder seeing them on a picture. From what we can see on my really pale skin, you can notice that some colors shine more than other and that the ones at the end look a little more pink.

The second row looks really cute. The eye shadows are more in a pink and purple theme. I really hope that I'll be able to see them and that they won't be as pale as the firsts ones.

I guess we can see them more, but I really was expecting a bigger difference from the first swatch to the second. When I was testing it, I realized that there was no big difference. Sure, I guess that when used properly, the colors must show more, but it didn't. I hope that when I do a look with them on my face, it's going to go well.

It's not that bad, it looked pretty nice in person, but on the palette, the colors looked so much darker than they do on my skin. Maybe it's because my skin color is too similar to the palette, but take a second look from the palette to my skin with the makeup on it. I'm serious, take a look. Earlier, I mentioned that we couldn't see some of the colors of the palette on my skin and that was the case of the firsts colors of the second row. I'm just a little surprised, that's all.

Now the third row. I thought it looked really pretty, because the colors look pretty warm and I love makeup looks with warm colors. Take a look for yourself:

Those colors looked like they had the most shimmers in them. The gold one looked fantastic! Yeah, it's hard to see which one it is... Sorry for the quality of the pictures, by the way. The gold one is number 15 from the left to the right. I think it's my favorite one. Let's see how it looks on my arm...

Finally, we can see the colors! The firsts ones are paler, but we can still see them. You can really see the light reflecting on my arm. The colors of the first row are more of metallic colors. I'm kind of surprised by some colors. Some looked more brown but ended up being paler and more yellow. I think the ones making the palette really wanted the colors of the third row to be in a gold/bronze theme. I think the color at the end looks great. It looks like the perfect color to apply in the crease of your eye.

Now time to take a look at the last row: number 4. Half of the colors of this row are blue-ish and the other half is brown. The browns look like they'll not be glittery, but if they are, I will not be that surprised.

The blue ones look really pretty, but they don't seem like colors you'd use for an everyday look. It's still useful to have other kind of makeup. I love trying more original looks, but that's more for fun. If you have a Halloween party, you could use the blue colors of your Forever 21 72 Shades Eye Shadow Palette to become... Water...? Or a character of the movie Avatar? I'm curious to see if they'll come out as blue as on the palette once they're on my skin. There's only one way to find out!

Wow! I really love the finish! The blue ones (sorry if I'm focusing too much on these) look a little paler than I thought (for the most part). The browns seem really natural and I think that's what makeup users are more looking forwards these days. All the most popular makeup tutorials are the ones entitled: Natural Makeup Look. I thought that the last shade was going to be disappointing, because every time I try black eye shadows, they all look more grey than anything else. They blend a little too much and it ruins everything, but this one looks really nice. As you can see on my arm, those eye shadows look are little more colorful than the other ones.

It's now time to use them on my face! I'm going to try two looks and to use at least one color of each row, because I can't use all 72 shades.

Here's my inspiration for the first look:

I figured that I needed to try something with glitter, because pretty much all the colors of the palette have some.

Here's how it turned out:

My eyes are burning just by looking at the quality of this picture.

I added my little touch to it, because I wanted to use as many shades as I could.

I thought that the colors blended very well and I was happy with the finish look. I really liked how the whites highlight the look. I was afraid that it was going to be hard to see to colors. When I was testing the colors on my arm, I said how hard it was to make the colors show, but it was much easier to make them show with the appropriate brushes.

I used the Eye Brush Duo from Personnelle Cosmetics (I love them, they weren't expensive and they have two ends) and some brushes from Real Techniques by Sam & Nic.

I was pretty happy with the finish look, but I realized that, if I wanted to do something less natural and more glamorous, it was going to be hard. I was still really happy with the finish look.

I had a little trouble applying the brown colors, because they wouldn't show. The tutorial needed a more pigmented brown and I tried my best, but it wouldn't show enough to do like I wanted to. Maybe I didn't have the right brushes... Any way, that's pretty much it.

I wanted something a little different for my second look, so that's what I tried to do:

You remember earlier when I said that I loved the third row? Well, I felt like the colors she uses looked similar to the ones on the third row.

It took me a little more time to do this look, because I wanted to make the glitters show as much as possible. Here's the result:

If you think you can't see the gold glitters, it's because you can't. I had a hard time making them as vibrant as they are in the tutorial. I don't think that this was the fault of the palette, I think I applied it the wrong way or something, because I just smeared some on my hand and it looks pretty vibrant.

I need to say this once again: it's hard to make the colors show.

It's harder to apply those eye shadows on your eyelid. Well... I'm not going to lie, it's hard to apply them, on your hand or on your face. I needed to use many coats to make it show that much on my hand.

When you have many coats of many eye shadows on your eyelid, don't act surprised if you have trouble making the colors show. I did another test to see what brush would make the colors show more.

I used the same blue with all the brushes to clearly see which brush does the best work. If you don't know makeup brushes and their names, I found this picture to help you out.

The brush that made the blue show the most was a medium blender. I found out that to make the colors more vibrant, you need to dap the brush on your skin.

It's really hard to apply the makeup with a large blender. No matter what I tried, the blue was really pale and the glitters were flying everywhere. I guess it'll be better applying the eyeshadow with another and more effective brush, but them blend it with a large

In summary...

  1. Many shades in small quantities

  2. Nice colors - Natural colors

  3. Hard to make pigmented - Needs many coats

  4. Blend well

  5. Very shiny

  6. Good price (17.90 canadian dollars)

  7. The applicators that come with the palette are too flexible and don't apply the eyeshadows well.

I recommend this palette to all the beginners, people who just started doing makeup.

It's great for the price and the number of shades, but the quality isn't the best.

Even if it has flaws, I think that for that cost, you should buy it if you're a begginer.

I was happy to see that even if this palette was cheap, it did the work pretty well. Like I said in the beginning, makeup can be so expensive and it's not always worth the price. I don't know if all the makeup from Forever 21 works as well, but if you want to know you could contact us and we could make another post just like this one.

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