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How to reach your goals - How to realize your dreams

In my last post (How to be happy:, I said that a way to be happier is to reach your goals and realize your dreams, but maybe you don't know how to do that. I have some tips for you and I hope they help you do what you want in life.

  1. Make lists: Your goal may have multiple sides and you need to remember that. To be sure you don't forget anything, I suggest you make a lists of the things you need to do, the things you need and/or why you're doing this (you may need a little motivation).

  2. Inform yourself: If your goal is to get your dream job, for example, you'll need to get informations about this job. Research what studies you need to do and what experience you must have.

  3. Take a class: You may need some extra knowledge to reach your goal, so why not take a class about it? You'll have a great opportunity to learn and have more chances to succeed.

  4. Don't keep this a secret: One thing I learned from keeping my blog a secret is that it's not worth it. I was really embarrassed at first, but since I told my friends, I've gotten more support and even more motivation than before. Maybe your friends know people that could help you, like a publisher, if you're writting a book.

  5. Pinterest: I love Pinterest, because there is so much knowledge on there. It's hard to make a vision board and it takes a lot of time, so instead of making one, you can use Pinterest and make a board with every pin you find with tips or inspiration for your goal.

  6. Money: I highly suggest that you think about your finances. Some goals need money to archieve and you need to think about where you'll be getting it. Will you open a bank account? Will you ask for a loan? What will you do?

Those are all my tips for succeeding and reaching goals! I've found these so helpful and I hope you do too.

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