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How to be happy

Being stuck in a routine again and again is pretty hard, especially because it makes enjoying life a little harder. These are just some tips I discovered and found that they make my day better. They may not work for you, but they do for me and I hope that they'll at least inspire you a little.

Have fun!

  1. Wake up early: I'm always stressed out about time, because between school, friends, family and Djiksea, I have much of it, but when I wake up early in the morning, I have more of it. From 8 pm, I tend to stop working, so I figured that instead of not doing anything from 8 pm to 11 pm, I'd go to sleep earlier and wake up at 6 am. Now I workout in the morning and finish my homework after.

  1. Move: You may like dancing, stretching or running and that's great, so great that you should do more of that. Moving more will make you more energized and happier. You don't need to do 3 hours of intense workout per day. I suggest doing at least 30 minutes of an active activity that you enjoy. You can take a walk, dance, do yoga or jogging.

  1. Do at least one thing that makes you happy per day: This sounds like a resolution and I guess you can say it is. You could eat a piece of chocolate, have a nap, listen to music, make a painting or have a photo shoot.

  1. One social activity per week: As Barney once said: "Nothing you do is legendary unless your friends are there to see it." (Share this post if you understand the reference) A great way to relax is to see your friends and have fun, so try to do that at least once a week. You all can go to the restaurant or share a meal at home, go to the movies, take a hike or simply hang out and talk.

  1. Sleeeeeeeep: You need energy to have a great day, so you need to have long and nice nights of sleep. Teens need 8 to 10 hours of sleep and adults need 7 to 9. Arrange your schedule to be able to get those hours of sleep.

  1. Find a goal: To get me going day after day, I need motivation and goals. Think about what you want to do in your life, what's your long life dream, and then do everything that is in your power to realize that goal. Make a schedule and lists to realize that goal. You need something to be happy about when you look bad at your life and if you have a long life dream, you'll be extremely happy when you realize it.

  1. Forgive: You can't keep being mad at someone or something they did, it could eat you alive! Try keeping the toxic things out of your life and to do so, just let go. Forgive the ones who hurt you and apologize to the ones you hate.

Hopefully, these tips helped you out and you're now ready to smile more.

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