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How to have a good night of sleep

In 2018, we need to get stuff done and be productive but we need to have enough energy. There is only one way to have energy and it is to have a good night of sleep. I know it is hard to not stay up until midnight (trust me I've been there) but with my tips you'll have not only a great night of sleep, but you'll feel fresh and energized when in the morning.

1. Set a realistic alarm

If you know that you will not wake up at 5:00 AM, don't set it there, it is too unrealistic. You'll hit the "snooze" button and go right back to sleep. Set an alarm that is two hours before you go to work or to school, so you have enough time to sleep and to get ready.

2. Turn off the screens

The light of your television or phone makes your brain think that it is day time , so it wakes you up. By turning off all your screens an hour before you go to bed , you'll have time to relax and you fall a sleep way easier.

3. Read a book

Reading a book is one of the best ways to relax. Reading in your bed before you go to sleep will make you fall a sleep really fast. Your eye lids will become heavier and heavier and you'll fall a sleep without even realising it.

4. Take a hot bath or shower

Nothing more relaxing than a hot bath/shower! The hot water will make you feel like your at the spa. You can have a coluorful bathbomb and have the most relaxing time ever. After, put on your favourite pyjama and you'll so relaxed and comfortable.

5. Make a bedtime routine

Having a bedtime routine will make falling a sleep way easier. Every time that you'll do it, your brain will think that it is time to sleep and relax because it'll become a automatism.

We hope that we help you! Please go check our other posts and our social medias. Have a good night of sleep!

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