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Healthy breakfast ideas

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but, if you're reading this, you probably don't know what to do about it. Do you do long researches on Pinterest to get inspired to eat a healthy meal but end up eating cereals? If so, you're just like me.

Here are a few healthy breakfast that you'll love. Some of them can be made in advance (or have to).

Banana bread

I love to eat bananas for breakfast, because they give energy and are really tasty, and one thing you can do with them is to make a banana bread. Use the old bananas your have on your kitchen counter and make a healthy recipe! It's perfect to have a banana bread slice when you're in a hurry, because it's already made and the only thing left for you to do in to cut a slice. I found a video with great banana bread recipes, go check it out!

Breakfast toast

Don't just throw a piece of bread in your toaster! If you're going to make toasts, do it right. There are many things you can put on your toast and it's not only peanut butter and jam. Cream cheese, salmon, avocado... So. Many. Options. Go to to see what I mean.


Similar to banana bread, but different and really good. I love baking muffins because:

  1. It's easy

  2. You can make them the kind you want!

Blueberry, strawberry, banana, chocolate... Yup, it's great. If you type Healthy muffin recipe on Pinterest, you'll see how many options are out there. One advantage for the moms: kids love them.


I have two kinds of oatmeal to suggest you, the first one being:

Overnight oats: This is an oatmeal you make the night before, so you have more time in the morning. I eat it cold and you only need milk, old fashioned rolled oats and another ingredient of your choice to make it sweet. I already wrote about them in another blog post, so instead of repeating everything, I'm just going to give you the link.

Basic oatmeal: You make them right when you need them and you eat them warm. Many people use hot water and oats, but I rather use almond milk, because I think it tastes better. Here are a few oatmeal recipes:,,20834643,00.html#overnight-oats-with-chia-seeds-and-fresh-berries-2

Scrambled egg muffins

Do you know what happens when you cook eggs in a muffin pan? They cook in the form of a little muffin you can eat on the go! Crack some eggs in a muffin pan, add cheese and a little vegetable and let them cook at 350 degrees for 20 minutes. It's easy and have enough for the whole week or more.


Isn't it the most obvious choice out there? Even if it is, I wanted to include it, because I found this amazing picture that'll help you make the perfect eggs.


Drinking a fruit puree, doesn't it sounds great? You get your portion of fruit and a healthy fuel. There are so many recipes out there and they're all so tasty, I'm sure you'll find something you like. Take fruits you like, add a bit of almond milk and a little yogurt and mix it all up.

I don't know who made this, but thank you because this is just what I needed and it's awesome.

Hopefully, this helped you and inspired you to make tasty and healthy breakfasts to feel energized the whole day.

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