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Lists to make for your bullet journal

Bullet journaling has become more and more popular in the last year. Pretty much everybody has heard about it and many of my fellow blogger friends have one.

I wanted to do this post, because I love making lists to feel more organized and to help people out. I figured that this kind of post could be useful for people starting a bullet journal. Don't worry, I have a little experience in bullet journaling and these are not just boring guesses. I tried to start one during the summer, but from the moment I went back to school, I didn't have much time to continue it, so I stopped. However, from lack of organisation, I decided to use it again.

I'm going to suggest you lists you should make for your bullet journal or to be more organized.

  • What I want to change about myself - What I DON'T want to change about myself

  • Goals for the day/week/month/year/life

  • What I want to do while I'm *INSERT AGE HERE* - Things I want to do while in my 20s/30s/40s/50s/60s/etc.

  • Birthdays of friends/family members

  • Books to read

  • Movies to watch

  • Music to download

  • Chores to do every day/week/month/etc.

  • Places (countries/cities) I want to visit - Places (countries/cities) I visited

  • Wishlist (Christmas/birthday)

  • Passwords

  • Groceries

  • Things I'm grateful for

  • Exercise tracker

  • Last time I...

  • Worries

  • Pictures I want to take

  • Habits to develop

  • Money I owe

  • Things inspiring me

  • Appointments I need to make

  • Favorite restaurants

  • Things to throw away

  • DIYs to try

  • Acts of kidness I should do

  • Hours of studying/working/blogging

Maybe you think that this was a short post and what I reply to that is: "Euuuuuuuuh... Your welcome?".

I hope that you'll try some of theses lists and that you'll find them useful.

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