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How to be productive

I know how hard it is to get the motivation to do something productive, to stop whatever procrastination you're in the middle of or to do your work well.

Being productive means doing much in a day or doing the best work you can.

As a student, I have much experience in ''Waiting At The Last Minute To Work And Do It The Wrong Way''. Fortunately, after long hours of studying and long days of procrastination, I discovered a few tricks to finish work as soon as possible, the right way, and to accomplish all my goals in a day.

Here are my tips and tricks to be productive/how to procrastinate/how to get more work done.

Work at a desk

First of all, you need to have a nice place to work. Don't go sit on your couch to do something important, you won't get it done. I like working at a desk where everything is at the right place. When things are just lying around, I can't concentrate, so I take 5 minutes before working to clean my desk and the room I'm working in. I normally work in my bedroom and I make my bed before studying or even just writing a blog post.

Do one thing at the time

If you think that you can finish watching your episode of Friends while working, you're wrong. There were so many times when I tried to combined fun and productivity and it never worked. You're just going to take twice as long as you normally would. When I eat while working, even if it sounds easy, I lose focus. I'd rather do one thing the right way than doing two things wrong. In the award, don't multitask.

Make To Do Lists

When you don't know exactly what you have to do, you're going to have trouble doing it. I always do a little To Do List when I get home from school to know what I need to finish, to study or to write for Djiksea. When I'm done, I get to do a little satisfying mark on my list.

Turn off your phone

If you're not waiting for a phone call, you don't need it. I have the tendency to look at my phone everything I have a notification and when I open it, there's no turning back. If I get a notification from Instagram, I'll start by looking at the notification, but then I'll look at my precedent notifications, I'll look at the persons who liked my pictures, I'll look at their pictures and then I'll lose control! Turning off my notifications is really helpful to me and I'm sure it'll be helpful to you.

Listen to music with no lyrics

Some people are more comfortable working with music on and, if you're one of them, you should listen to music that has no lyrics. When the songs have lyrics, you want to sing them, or at least I do. It's hard to focus on 2 things at once, even if one of them is just some music. When I feel like listening to music while working, I go to Google Play Music ( and select a playlist.

Use a color code

When I study, I use a color code to be more organized and to better understand everything. Underlining with different colors that all have a meaning really helps me work. I can plan things and remember things better.

Have a routine

Recently, I wrote down my morning and night routine so I know when to do what. I didn't plan everything down to the minute and I left some time loose. I changed some things about my normal morning routine. I wrote to get up earlier, to workout in the morning instead of the afternoon and to go to bed earlier. If you want some inspiration, here's my morning routine:

Don't juge my handwriting

If you work at the same time every day, your brain is going to get used to it and it'll be easier for you to work. I recommend that you write down the times you want to work, because it'll be easier for you to remember and seeing your own words on a piece of paper will make you want to respect what you wrote more.

Use natural lights

When I wake up with natural lights, I feel like I can do anything. Open your curtains from the moment you wake up to feel more energized and ready for the day. Working with natural lights helps too. You'll feel ready to work and to work well.

Take notes and read them

To be ready for a presentation or to study for an exam, it's important for me to write things down. I'm a visual person and that's just how I learn. In the morning, I read my notes and it's like a little warm up for my brain.


I workout everyday to feel more energetic and be more productive. I'm sitting at a desk all day, so I like going on a little jog after waking up or when I come back from school. As you probably know, working out has many advantages and it's a way to be more productive, so I highly suggest it.

Know your priorities

If you start by doing something useless, you're going to lose time to do more important things. If you have something due for the next day, do it. You can't wait any longer, because the time you have left to finish this work is getting smaller and smaller every second.

Start by doing the hard things first

If you do many small works before doing the big important one, you're going to get tired for nothing. Get the big works out of the way to be able to do the fun small tasks that you need to do.

Have breaks

To do your best work, you should work in 90 minute intervals and take 5-10 minute breaks. On those breaks, you should take a walk, clean your desk or just talk to a friend, family or a coworker. Whatever you do, don't take a nap or do social media related activities. I found a website to help you know what to do and what to avoid during a break. Go to and read a little so you can have energizing breaks that'll help you be more productive.

How to use breaks


To feel more energized and to be ready for bed or for the day, you should stretch a little. I read many articles and many say that you should stretch when waking up and when going to sleep. It helps getting ready for to start the day on the right foot and to go to sleep feeling calm and relaxed.

Have a good posture

If you work bent over your table, you'll have back problems and feel worse. If you have a confident posture, not only the people around you will trust you more, but you'll actually be more confident and you'll feel good. That'll make it easier for you to work.

Five seconds

To stop myself from procrastinating, every time I need to do something, instead of saying ''in five minutes'' or ''right after this'', I count down to five. It really helps me, because once I'm done counting, I don't think and I just stop whatever unuseful thing I'm doing to do something important instead.

Write things down

Something that helps me do my every tasks is to write things down. When I make plans, I write it in my agenda. When I learn something useful, I write it down. When I have or archieve a goal, I write in down. Writing things on a piece of paper makes it seem real. Here's an idea! If you think the tips I've told you so far are going to help you in the future, write them to remember and apply them.

Know yourself

Things you should know about yourself to be more productive:

  • When you are most likely to work

  • What kind of learner you are

  • Your goals

  • What motivates you

Think before doing

When you're tempted to do something unproductive, like playing video games, instead of doing something useful, working out or preparing a presentation, think of the pros and the cons of your actions. Deep down, you know what the right thing to do is and you don't that it's what you want to do, so why waste time?

Stop reading about how you can be productive and actually do something

Those are all my tips to be more productive! If you want more information about all of these, click on the images of the tips (I added the link of where I found them and some of the images are form helpful sites/blogs).

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