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How to become Instagram famous

As some of you know, we recently started posting on our Instagram and things are going pretty smoothly. We are earning a large amount of subscribers every day and I think I know why. If you want to find out how to gain Instagram followers fast, you're at the right place. I'll tell you a little about how everything started and how we manage our account.

Our story

We already had an Instagram account for our blog since the summer, but we didn't post anything.

We didn't know what to post and we wanted to focus on writing for Djiksea.

Everything was going well, but out blog wasn't getting many visitors and we didn't know why. We were posting once or twice a week. We spent much time trying to write good posts of quality that'll be actually useful to our readers. Between school, family, friends and sleeping, we didn't have time to do more than just writing.

When the holidays came, we were on vacation, which meant that we finally had time to do more for Djiksea. The problem: we didn't know where to start. I often read about other blogs and how they became famous. All of them told how important it is to spend time promoting a blog with social medias, mostly Facebook.

Maybe you don't know this, but we have a Facebook page and we post a little update every time there's something new in our blog. When we post something new here, we write something on our Facebook page like: We published a new post about ---, go check it out! and we add a link to the post in particular.

Facebook had been bugging us for months trying to get us to boost one of our update.

If you don't know what that means, you are thinking like us, because we were really confused about Boosting.

Being confused and determined, I did a little research and found out that Boosting meant that our update would become an add and that it would get more people to see it. Facebook users who saw it would be able to click on it, go to our blog, read our post(s) and then, if we're lucky, share the link with their Facebook friends.

We decide to try it out on a blog post I had been working on: New Year Resolutions.

We didn't want to spend too much money on it, because we didn't know if it was going to work, so we decide to keep the add going for 7 days and (because Facebook as a police to spend minimum 1$ per day on a boost) spent 7.50$.

When we were finishing submitting the paying information (which I'm not going to give, because come on), we were told by an automatic message that Facebook needed to approve our ad before it could be posted.

Obviously, we didn't worry about it, because we couldn't think about any reason why our ad could be declined. There was nothing inapropriate in it and it was only use for an innocent blog.

The waiting period between sending and approving was told to be 15 minutes long.

While waiting, we thought: Our Facebook account is going pretty well, we are going to have an ad and some recognition. That reminds me, we have an Instagram account! Oh, that's right, there's nothing on it... Wait a minute...

Seeing one of our social media account doing well made us realize that we have another one that is totally empty. We had around 10 followers and 0 pictures.

We spent the rest of our waiting time taking pictures that we planned to post as soon as possible.

Now that we were reminded about our Instagram account, we couldn't think about anything else. We had a mission: to get our blog visits using Instagram.

That's pretty much how we decide to post more. If you didn't quite get that, let me tell you the short version: We tried boosting one of your Facebook posts, but ended up thinking about Instagram (probably because Facebook bought Instagram a while back). We decide to finally post on our account that had been empty since forever.

Tips and tricks to become get more likes/followers

Find a category of things to post about

When you have an Instagram account, you shouldn't be posting about EVERYTHING. You can't be posting about makeup, clothes, travel, dogs, cats, fishes, food, video games, lifestyle and memes. You should be posting about things that go together, a category. We post about lifestyle, fashion and makeup once in a while.

Put efforts in your pictures

Once you know what you want to post about, you need to take good pictures of that. It can be sceneries, clothes, food... Whatever it is, you shouldn't post just because you think you have to. Your pics need to have some efforts in them. Think about what you post and edit it to look the best way possible.

When we take pictures, we use as much lighting as possible. Having lights makes everything look prettier.

Once you took your picture, you need an editing app. You can edit from your phone or your computer, it depends on the way you take your pics. We use a cell phone, so instead of transffering the pic to the computer and downloading a software, we just downloaded a free app.

You don't need anything that coasts money if you're on a budget. There are some great apps with great tools to make your pictures look great. My favorite is Aviary. It's easy to use on your phone or tablet and you can also use it on your computer without downloading it. Type Aviary in your search bar and it'll take you to the Aviary website. The site has the same options than the app.

Try posting often

We post twice per day: once in the morning and once in the afternoon. I strongly suggest that you know when to post and that you post often. At least once per day if you're starting. You'll have more chances of being noticed by others and you'll have more chances of getting likes.

If you post during the day, people are often working or in class, so you won't get as much like as if you post during your lunch time of around 7 pm. If you dig a little in the Internet you'll be able to find out when people are the most active on social media.

I found a site called and a post where they give you much informations about when to post on what social medias. They don't only talk about Instagram, they talk about all the social medias.

They say that Instagram users are usually more active on Mondays and Thursday at 2am, 8-9am and 5 pm.

Go to to read more about the subject.

Follow accounts like yours

Right from the start, we started following many other bloggers who had an Instagram account. We figured that we were going to have contacts in the business. Following people with the same interests as you is going to help you out, especially if the ones you follow don't have many followers like you. There's going to be more chances of them responding to you if you want to chat with them and ask questions. What I'm trying to say is that there are many advantages when you follow accounts similar to yours. Follow them and maybe even DM them. You'll know people with the same interests and you'll be able to help each other grow your account or your businesses.

Tag the stores you're wearing

When you post a picture of you wearing clothes from a store that has an Instagram, you need to tag them on in. If you tag the brands you're wearing, you could get noticed by them and with a bit of luck, they could feature you. Some clothing account feature you if you post with a certain hashtag while wearing one of their items. For example, if you use the hashtag mybluenotes, that's how the clothing store Bluenotes has a chance of noticing you. We posted a picture with jeans from Bluenotes, tagged them and used the hashtag mentioned in their bio and they liked our picture. We didn't get featured, but we were still happy to see that you can get noticed by clothing brands.

Use hashtags

We use a ton of hashtags in all of our pictures and that's how we got followers so quickly. Use as much hashtags as you can, but don't put hashtags that don't go with your picture. It can be hard to know what hashtags you should include, because you don't want to over do it, but you also want to use the ones that are trending. We often use #blog or #blogger, because that's what we are. We are bloggers posting on a blog. If you often post about exercise or running, use #fitness or #workout in all your posts. I give you a challenge: use at least 10 hashtags per post. Go on to see the top 100 hashtags on Instagram.

Have a theme

If you want your account to look profesional, you should post pictures with the same color theme. Posting pictures with similar colors will make your account look impressive to other users. We are trying to have a theme, but it's really hard to post often with similar colors. Our two first pictures looked similar, but since then our pictures have gone in other directions. We try to post pretty pictures that people will love often, but when we'll have more followers, we'll be able to post less often and focus on the quality.

Comment and like more

We encourage fellow accounts by liking and commenting on their posts. It's a good thing for us and for them. They get a like and comment, and we get a chance to be noticed by them. We don't like any pictures we see, we like the good ones in which we think had efforts in them. We never give bad comments, because it's irrespectful and we could get a bad reputation. Like and comment as much pictures as you can, especially if the accounts posting them are similar to yours.

Don't give up

It takes time to grow a business and if you consider your Instagram account seriously enough, it'll become a business. You will not get 1000 followers in a week. It could take a year or more. Whatever you do, never stop posting. Take good pictures and posts them for the number of followers that'll grow more and more each day. It'll take time and effort, but you'll be proud of yourself.

I don't have any more tips to give you. I hope these are going to help you during your Instagram journey.

Stay safe, don't post inappropriate pictures and don't share your location. You should learn about how you can stay safe from the internet.

Have fun taking pictures, we know you'll do great, especially with all those tips we just gave you. For more helpful tips, read our other posts. We talk about trend and lifestyle, so I guess I wouldn't hurt to go check them out.

If you want to write blog posts just like us, you can go to the section Member's posts and write about whatever you'd like. You could get likes from other members and become famous on Djiksea.

Becoming a member is free and it gives you the ability to write on Djiksea and you get a notification when we post something new.

Go check out our social medias. We're on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Our username is always djiksea or sometimes djikseablog.

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