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  • Laurie

New Year Resolutions

It's almost time to change calendar and make a bunch of promises to yourself that you probably won't keep, unless... Unless you continue reading this post until the end. Today, we'll give you ideas for resolutions and some tips to help you keep them all year long. Are you interested? Good, you should be, because that's the first step to keeping your resolutions: motivation.


1. Health

Even if it sounds cliche, I think it's a great resolution to start living a healthier life. Working out and eating right, I don't see how it can be bad for you. You may be thinking: I wish I could do that, but I don't think I will ever succeed! I think the reason why most fail to keep this resolution is that they don't know where to start, so they start the wrong way. Once they started badly, they continue and get desperate from not getting any result, so they stop. Once you made the decision to be healthier, you should do a lot of research and take notes. What to research? What about: foods to avoid, meal prep for the week, how much water to drink in a day, healthy sources of nutriments, etc. This is not a blog based on health, so I can't give you more tips than that. You should actually get the opinion of an expert and not ours.

2. Travel

When people think about new year resolutions, they often think about thinks that they can change about themselves, I think of them as things that you wish you can do during the year. If you wish to do a road trip during the year, write it down, so you'll remember to do whatever you can to make it happen.


If you don't have a talent, you are allowed to learn something. For example: learn to sing (or play an instrument), cook, bake, play golf (or any other sport), etc. It doesn't really matter, as long as it's something you like to do.

4. Fashion

You may be tired of always looking the same, same clothes, same hair, etc. You may want to change how you look, for example: try a new style. You're able to do that, if you do it by steps. Start by saving pictures of OOTDs you like, so you know what style you'd like to have. Then, learn where you can buy the clothes you like for as less money as you can (we don't want this project ruining you.). When you have the money, you can go buy the clothes you want as soon as they're on sale. If you want to make this resolution because you don't love yourself, then you shouldn't do it. I'm sure you're beautiful in everyway. I suggested this resolution, because I love fashion and finding out new trends. Plus, I think it's important to find out who you are and if you can do that through your clothes, then go for it.

5. New habit(s)

There's many things that I wish I was doing, for example: I'd love to be able to wake up earlier. Every morning when I wake up, I'm kind of sad when I wake up, because I know that I could've woken up earlier and done more things during the day. This year, I'm going to plan aheaad more. I'm going to know when to go to sleep and when to wake up. Is there anything you'd like to do more or differently? I'm sure there is, because there's always a way to improve, right?

6. Flaws

We all have flaws, and it's normal, but some are just soooo annoying! Some slow us down at a point where were mad at ourself. I procrastinate, a lot. When I come home from school, I have so much trouble going to my desk and doing my homeworks or studying. I'm going to stop procrastinating, because I know I will feel so much better when I succeed to. If there's something you know would make you feel good if you change it, change it. New year resolutions are supposed to make you feel good, that's the whole point of having resolutions.

7. Become more social

Sometimes, we're stuck in our own little bubble and never do anything different. We hang out with the same people, at the same place and do the same things. Don't get me wrong, having a routine is pretty great, but we can get tired of it. It's okay to go to a new place and meet new people, It's great, actually. It's hard for some people, like me, but sometimes you need to try. You don't know if that person sitting alone in the corner of the room is, but that person could be your best friend. That person could be a jerk, sure, but you don't know that. What does it cost to say hi? Just for clarification, the answer is: nothing.

8. Confidence

Try boosting your confidence a little. How to? That's hard, but not if you're motivated to do it! So take a deep breath and read this. Confidence is important. People will take you seriously, and you will be able to make a name for yourself. What do I mean? I don't mean to be mean and to bug people around, because you will be remembered for bad reasons and that's just the opposite of what you want, right? Unless you're Voldemort... Okay, so as I was saying: it's probably going to be hard, because you'll have to see yourself differently. From now on, you're not the little shy bean you were a second before, now you're a strong fabulous tiger. You can make good choice, and they can be spontaneous. Spontaneous is nice, but it doesn't mean that you need to do things for the bads reasons. Confident doesn't mean that you need to accept everything without thinking of the consequences. You should read about how to become confident, because it's going to help you define the limit, because there's a limit.

9. Finish something

I have this book that I started, but I never have time to finish it. That's not because I don't want to, it just never occurred to me to sit on the couch and relax with this book in my hands. This year, I should. It sounds like nothing, because books are not actually important. You may be wondering: Why does she consider this a resolution, that's not going to change her life in an awesome way? For your information, I think it will, because when I have free time, I use it the wrong way. I sit around watching crappy youtube videos and I don't feel good after that. At least, if I read a book, I'm going to feel a little productive. If you don't like reading, it's fine. You can finish a drawing, a painting or finish learning a song at the piano, whatever makes you feel good, happy and a little productive.

10. Do more for others

You're probably reading this on an expensive tablet or computer (if you're not, sorry), but others don't have that chance. I think it could feel good to do something for others. For example, you can give money to charity or do some volunteer work. Both are great, because they will make someone or many people happy. Happiness is the key to live a good life and if you can help people get it, that's great.

11. Stop lying

We all lie more than we think, especially when you have siblings. Does that scenario sound familiar to you:

- Who did this?

- Not me!

I'm sure it does. Think about the recent questions people asked you and how you responded. Did you avoid the truth or did you just lie with no filter? Telling the truth could help you build stronger relationships, get some stress of your shoulders, etc.

12. Face a fear

If you're afraid of sharks, I don't know how to help you, because I don't know how you could face a shark. If you're afraid of height, you should try to be brave, because if you're afraid of height, there are many things you will not be able to do. When you'll be travelling, will you be able to take the plane if you're affraid of flying? When you'll go to a theme park, will you be able to ride the roller coasters? Fears make us miss out on many opportunities.

13. Keep a journal

There are many types of journal. Of course, the most popular one is the one where you just write about your day, your fears and your dreams. I think this type of journal is a great one to keep, because whe you'll write in it, you'll realize stuff about yourself and it'll relax you before going to bed. Most people go on social medias just before going to bed and that's not good, because as you may already know, this prevents you from sleeping. Another type of journal that is fun to keep is a bullet journal. I spoke a little about it in another blog post: What To Do When Sick ( A bullet journal purpose is to keep you organized. What a great way to start the year, with a new way to be organized! It's very useful and customizable. You make it the way you want and with whatever you need. I can't tell you all about bullet journals in this post because it's not his purpose, but if it's what you request, contact us. The last journal that I'll talk about is a dream journal. They are fun to keep, because, when you're like me and you don't usually have dreams, it'll help you dream or realize what you're dreaming about.

14. Download more music

Music has proven to help people at many points. Listening to it more will make you happier, improve your visual and verbal skills and reduce depression and anxiety.

15. Start saving money

Let's be honest. Things are expensive. When you're not Bruce Wayne, you can't buy whatever you want whenever you want it. If one of your resolution is to travel, you need money to do it, so better save for it as soon as possible. You don't need to deprive yourself during weeks, don't worry. You could just put 5 dollars a day or at least 10 dollars a week in a bowl or in a different bank account to, one day, use the money for something good.

16. Be thankful

Life is full of wonderful things, but it's hard to see them, isn't it? Even in the darkest of days, there are great things happening and we can only be grateful. To see what is good about your days, I have a trick. You should write one thing you like about your day, every day. If it's hard to keep, you can write one awesome thing from your week. Doing this will help you discover what makes you happy. You'll maybe realize that seeing family members is the highlight of your week or that organizing stuff makes you smile.

17. Think more

What I mean by "Think more" is that you need to think before doing stuff. It's a step to take in every decision that is often forgotten, unfortunately. When we don't reflect before acting, there are consequences and when they are negative, we can only blame our selfs and regret.

18. Admit things to yourself

When we are wrong, many of us don't admit it. We don't even think about it, we just find someone to blame whatever we are blaming to. In another resolution, I said that you should stop lying and when you're not admitting things to yourself, you're basically lying to yourself. When you have a flaw, it's important that you admit it to yourself, so you can fix it.

19. Get toxic friends out of your life

Not so long ago, Léonie wrote about toxic friends and how to spot them ( and this post made me realize how people can affect you. Having a bad influence in your daily can only make you feel bad and you don't want to spend another year feeling bad, I'm sure of it. Let the toxic person go (not roughly) to be able to see life from a better point of view, without the negative vision of the person. You have two options to let a person go:

1. Tell them te truth: Please don't ruin this person's life! Just tell him/her that you don't think you two are going to be able to remain friends because of your points of view.

2. Don't contact them: That is a pretty awful way to stop being friends, but it's a way. I mean, if you stop calling a person and texting them, how can you remain friends? Please don't use this method if you're breaking up with you boyfriend/girlfriend, it's just mean.

20. Start writing

Since I started Djiksea, I felt so good and I think it's because I started writing. Writing is one of the reasons why I suggested that you should keep a journal and it's the reason why I suggest that you write blog posts in our Members Posts section. You do it the way you want, unless you want to write about inappropriate stuff. Writing is a great way to express yourself and I strongly recommend it.