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Christmas presents ideas

Christmas is coming super fast and finding a present is really hard. What to give to a friend or a family member to make them happy? I wrote some ideas in my post Birthday Gifts Ideas a while ago. Go to to have some more ideas. This post will give you a few ideas and, unlike my birthday gifts post, there will be no categories. This simple blog post is not long, but I hope it will still help you at least a little.

1. Chocolate

This little treat will put a smile on the face on the person receiving the present.

2. Book

Sounds lame, be if it's a good book, it'll make someone happy. I love reading comics and I would be happy if someone gave some to me as a gift.

3. Movie tickets

Going to the theater is expensive. Seriously, 10 dollars the popcorn, it doesn't make sense! Plus, a new Starwars movie is out in theaters and it is awesome.

4. Notebook/Sketchbook

I think it's fun to receive a notebook, because there are so many ways to use them. Whatever it's for: a bullet journal, planning stuff, making lists, doodling...

5. Nice pens

With a notebook/skechbook, you need pens! Please don't buy those cheap boring pens, at least make an effort and buy satisfying colorful pens.

6. Headphones

Maybe that person already has little headphones, but a great present would be to give big noise canceling headphones. This present is interesting for the ones who are taking the plane a lot or the ones you don't want to talk to.

7. Workout clothes

If you buddy is a fitness lover, make him/her happy with a new gym outfit. If you have a higher budget, you can buy shoes with some clothes.

8. Skateboard

This is obviously not a present to give to your grandmother, but it's nice to give to a little brother/sister, cousin or a nephew.

9. Customized phone case

Giving a simple phone case is pretty boring, but it's not if you made it. There are online stores where you can make a phone case with the design/picture/text that you want.

10. Merch

We all have a fandom right? Something that we are fan of? Some of those celebrities sell clothing or objects with their catch phrase on it. I think it's a fun gift to give to someone that is a bit of a fangirl.

11. Gift card

This is a very obvious gift idea. If you don't want to buy something to someone, you let them buy it for them self!

12. Spa kit

In a bag, put: a face mask, nail polish, a bath bomb, etc and you have the perfect gift for a girl who likes to pamper herself.

13. Pajama

It doesn't matter if it's a one piece or a set, this present will make someone happy (as long as you got the right size or kept the receive).

14. Massage

Reserve your friend/family member a massage to make them happy and relaxed. I think this present fits for everyone, it's not necessarily a girly gift, because everybody likes to relax once in a while.

15. Makeup

Brushes, lipstick, eye shadow... So much to offer! Makeup is art and it's pretty fun. It can be use for special or casual occasions.

16. Board game

If you're spending Christmas with a lot of people, a board will be use right away. You're all going to play the game and have fun.

17. Photo album

Okay, I have to admit it: this is a gift for moms. Fortunately, it will make her happy and that's all that matters, right?

18. Jewelry

Most of them are expensive, but some people love them. It can be a watch, a necklace, etc.

I'm out of ideas, but that's sill 18, so it's not that bad, I guess. Don't forget to read Birthday Gifts Ideas ( for more inspiration. I hope this helped you out and if it did, you can go to Chat With Us, at the bottom of your screen, and tell us. We will receive your opinion in no time and there's a chance that we'll be able to answer you in seconds.

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