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How to get in the Christmas spirit

Yup, we’re already in the holiday season. People are decorating, Christmas music is everywhere (every artist recreate classic songs or try to make new ones even if it doesn’t work half of the times) and everybody asked you what you want for Christmas. There’s just one problem: you’re not excited for it. Or maybe you are, I guessed you weren’t because you’re reading a post and it’s called “How to get in the Christmas spirit”. Whatever, the point is: maybe you’re not ready for the Holidays and wished that you were. We have a couple or suggestions to get you hype for Christmas. Have fun reading this and planning your day (you’ll probably want to try those suggestions during the day).

1. Decorate with friends or family

The holidays are all about spending time with the people you love. Plus, decorating is fun. Throwing Christmas themed objects on shelves and putting stuff in a tree is great, especially if you do that with nice people who love you and that you love. Put on some Christmas music, get your good old decorations and create fun memories while decorating a tree. If you want to be in an extreme Christmas mood, I suggest you put at least one decoration per room. Yes, that sounds hard cord, because it is. But that doesn’t matter, because your place will look cute and festive! Tip to make a room look extra cute: have a theme. This year is the first year I have a color theme, its red and silver (yes, it looks pretty).

2. Have a Christmas movie marathon

Watching movies about the current time of the year that you’ve watched hundreds of times as a kid sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Let me admit something to you: Christmas movies are boring and they’re only a few of them that are good and you probably already watched them so many times that you are tired of them. But if you like them go ahead. Well, they still are a good way to get into the Christmas spirit, for some people that aren’t me. My favorite Christmas movie: Mama I Missed the Plane. This is my favorite Christmas movie, because it’s hilarious and there’s no cheesy love story. Most of the recent Christmas movies are not funny comedies or cheesy love stories that don’t even make sense.

3. Make a Christmas wish list

Not only will that be useful for your family members and friends that want to give you a present, but it will get you excited for Christmas, because you’ll know that there’s a chance that you will receive one of the presents on your list. Just going online and noting the things you want is pretty fun, even if it doesn’t sound fun. I like going on Pinterest in the beginning of December and making a board with all the things I want for Christmas. I have to admit that it’s hard to know what you want. Anyway, it’s still fun to do researches about the things you want, think you want or just realized you wanted.

4. Make a list of the presents you want to give

If you’re going to receive presents and have a job, I think its common courtesy to give back. Make a list of the things you want to give to your friends and family. Write down their names and with each name write the present you want to give to each of them so when you’re out shopping for the presents, it’s going to be easy for you to look for whatever you’re looking for with a list. Did I mention that I love lists?

5. Go Christmas Shopping

Once you made a list of the presents you want to buy for the ones you love, it’s time to go buy them. It’s particularly fun, because the mall is normally decorated from the beginning of December and maybe even before that. There’s only one thing that is a little unfortunate about this: it costs money. A fortunate thing: it makes people and maybe even you (if you have a heart) happy. During the month of December, there are a lot of sales in the stores and you can buy stuff for a great deal. Other times, the stores are just are trying to rob you, or that’s what it feels like. In certain malls, there’s a present wrapping station and the money you give to the ones wrapping your presents are given to charity.

6. Make a Christmas treat

Baking cookies is fun, making Christmas cookies is even better. I love decorating them, some are cute and look delicious, while others are funny and look uneatable. I have one tip for you to make this activity even better: bake with someone you love. Not five persons, one. I guess three persons are okay, if you have a big kitchen. Baking with friends/family is fun, because everybody needs to work together and that makes great memories and tasty treats. Baking alone is fun too, because you get to be concentrate on your masterpiece (if you’re good at decorating cookies, they can be masterpiece and, quick tip, make great Instagram pictures).

7. Have a photo shoot

I love having photo shoots! It’s even better when you have a theme, in this case, the theme would be Christmas or winter. If you live in a cold place where there’s snow, it’s even better. Find someone to take pictures of you (you can ask a friend and in return you take pictures of them) and try recreating Instagram pictures or maybe even make your own. Here are some pictures that look pretty cool and that could inspire you:

8. Try a winter sport

One of my favorite winter activity is ice-skating. Putting on some ice skates and sliding on ice is what makes the winter season feel real to me. This is a nice sport, because you don’t need to be in an awesome shape to do it, but you do need to have skates or to rent a pair. If you don’t like this sport, there are other ones that you may like more. I also like cross-country skiing, but that one you can only do if there’s snow where you live, unlike ice-skating (you probably have an indoor ice close or not so close to your house). Here’s a list of winter sports that you may or may not be able to do (depending of your location and your skills): ski (alpine, Nordic), snowboard, curling, hockey, snow biking, ice fishing, etc. For more winter sports, go to:

9. Watch Christmas themed YouTube videos

Yep, that sounds really stupid, but it’s not TOTALLY stupid! As you maybe know,youtubers start making Christmas videos from the beginning of December. What kind of Christmas videos, what do you mean? Well, beauty gurus shows you how to dress and do your makeup for the holidays, Alisha Marie does Vlogmas (showing how awesome her life is during the whole month of December) and Shane Dawson probably does a giant cake using Thanksgiving left overs (who else wants to see that? Just me? Okay, that makes sense...). Some Christmas videos on YouTube are really inspiring and get you in the Christmas spirit in no time. There are many types of videos, for example: beauty, comedy, life hacks, Christmas wish list, food, volgmas, diys, etc.

10. Write a Christmas blog post

If you didn’t know, Djiksea’s members can write their very own blog post in the Members Posts section. We created this section for our readers who wish to try writing a blog post or see their friend’s posts. Writing this post really got me in the Christmas spirit and I think writing one will get you exciting too. I love writing, because that’s a way to express yourself and show who you are. Plus, if your posts are helpful like this one, it helps others.

Those are all my tips to get excited for the holidays/get in the Christmas spirit/be happy about the holidays! I hope you though these were helpful and that you’re going to try some of them (you can contact us to tell us if this post helped you and what you thought of it). We try posting twice a week, so become a member to, not only be able to write your very own blog post, but also be notify when we post something new that you will definitely want to read (or at least we hope you will, we don’t know you and your life style). For more helpful tips, read our other posts and become a member!

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