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What to do when sick

Are you sick or just super bored? Maybe you’re just looking for a way to pass the time. Well, it doesn’t matter why you’re here, the point is : if you continue to read this, you’re gonna find something to do during those times that you’re just too tired to do anything. Those are things that I thought of doing during the last few days, when I was sick. This is : What to do when you’re sick.

1. Play the Sims 4 : This may sound stupid, but I’m telling you, this game makes the time pass as fast as a rocket ship. Sometimes I’ll start playing, telling myself that I won’t play for more than 30 minutes, but I end up playing for hours at the time.

2. Nap : Obviously, you should take a nap if you’re sick. It will make you feel better and maybe give you a little more energy. If you’re like me, taking a nap is not as easy as it seems. Every time I try, I never fall asleep. I tried everything : deep breaths, cozy environment, odors, a room as dark as possible, etc… Nothing works! But you know what works? Laying in your bed with you eyes closed and relaxing. It’s the least you can do, so do it!

3. Binge watch your favorite TV show : Even if you’ve already finished all the episodes, it feels nice to watch an awesome TV show (if you don’t know what to watch, go read our blog post : What to Watch on Netflix). I’ve been re-watching all the How I met your Mother for the last few days.

4. Do homeworks : If you’re gonna miss school, why don’t try to do a little of school work, so your day is not all you sitting around feeling like death. I understand if you’re so sick that reading/writing makes you want to throw up, you don’t need to work.

5. Fall asleep while listening to an audio book : Or ‘ya know, just lay down in your bed with your eyes closed and listen to an audio book. It’s pretty calming and nice, because you don’t need to do anything.

6. Shop online : One tip, maybe wait to buy the clothes or stuffs you putted in your basket if your drunken on cough sirop. I think it’s fun to see the new trends from the comfort of your house, especially when you can’t go anywhere, because you’re too tired.

7. Start a bullet journal: Have you heard about bullet journals? It’s an organization system that is simple and infinitely customizable. Do some research on about them and I’m pretty sure you’ll want to try. If you’re a super motivated person, you’ll be able to continue to use it after your sickness journey.

8. Make internet friends: Maybe your actual friends are at school or working, so why not make some other friends? You could have a chance to chat with someone that is missing school/work like you or someone that is in a different time zone than you. How to make internet friends you ask? I feel like the best social apps to do that are Twitter (you just have to make a funny comment on someone's tweet or tell a fan account that is about one of your fandoms that you like their posts or that you're into the same celebrity or whatever than them), Wattpad (not only will you have a chance to read a great story, but when you make a comment on a chapter, a fellow reader or ever the writer could see it and answer to you, which starts a conversation) and Tumblr (it's not the best one, but I wanted to include it because... Well it can work! Respond to people's posts and/or make yours with many # so you'll get noticed and can start conversations with people).

9. Make a wishlist : If it’s close to your birthday or Christmas time, it’s a great time to make a wishlist of the presents you want to receive. Making a wishlist is not necessary the kind of thing that you normally do unless you have much time and, if you’re sick, you have much time to rest, recover and do stuff to make you feel productive.

10. Write down some resolutions : Even if you’re not close to a new year, you can write things that you wish to do once you feel better or things that you think you should do differently from now on. It can be more of a bucket list, if you wish (we have a post about summer bucket list, if you want to have some ideas, here’s the link :

11. Knit : This is a super relaxing activity that won’t take too much of your energy, unless you don’t have any of the stuff you need, which are : yarn and knitting needles. On this website, there’s even little clips of videos to help you understand every step :

12. Download a new game on your phone : Some of them are just super addicting and what’s the best moment to play an addicting game? When you don’t have anything to do for the next hours!

13. Take a bath : Light up some candles, use a bath bomb, put on some relaxing music and enjoy a great relaxing time in the bath. I always feel better after taking a bath and I think that one of the best feeling ever is to take a hot bath without caring about the time it takes. It’s just so relaxing!

14. Color mandalas : I have a book of mandalas in the theme of the world and when I’m bored, I like to color a page. It’s fun, because it’s kind of challenging. I always try to not color cases that touch each other with the same color. The result is always amazing, colorful and impressive.

15. Go on Google Earth : It’s not because you can’t leave your house that you can’t explore the world. Well, it kind of is, but at least you can look at it from your computer and that’s good enough right?

16. Read all our posts : We don’t really have an explanation for this one. We give great tips and write once or twice a week on this blog and it would really mean a lot to us if you red a few more of our blog posts.

Those are all the suggestions I have for you, little sick bean! We hope you feel better and that these ideas/activities will help you smile at least a little even if you’re sick and suffering. Have fun!

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