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Toxic frienships

 Toxic friendships suck really bad! If you don’t know want it is, it probably never happened to you or it’s hapenning to you rigth now! A "Toxic Frienship " is when you have a friend that sucks but stay friends with them even though they lie at your face and doesn’t give a crap about you. When you are in a "Toxic Friendship ", you don’t amways realise it right away. Normaly a good friend makes you realise by telling you. If you’re not sure yet if you’re in a "Toxic Frienship ", here are some clues that will make you realise it.    1. Does things that annoy you. Every time you hangout with them, try to find things that they do that annoy you. They are maybe texting other people while they hangout with you or invite someone elsr while they hangout with you without telling you.                                                       2.Never arrives. If when you invite them they arrive late or they text you an hour later to tell you that actualy they are not gonna come, it means that they don’t care. By doing that ,they show    That they don’t that much about you or that they have more " important" things to do.                                                     3.Your good friends don’t like them . If your another friend tells you to get away from them, they’re right. Often when you’re in a "Toxic Friendship" you’re close friends see it first. They will make you realise that the “toxic” person doesn’t deserve you.                        If now you know that you are definitly in a “Toxic Friendship”, get away from it. It will make you have really good friends that care about you. ;)          

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