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What TV shows to watch on Netflix

How bored are you to read this? So bored that you've come to this little blog? Or maybe you have a friend over and are wondering what to watch, I don't know! Well, it doesn't matter, because I have some AWSOME TV shows ideas that you can watch just by going on Netflix.

1. Haters Back Off
Do you know the youtuber Colleen Ballinger? The one who plays the awsome singer, actor, dancer, model, magician: Miranda Sings? If you don't get out from under your rock and watch Haters Back Off. This is a comedy TV show about how Miranda became famous. It's fictional, but we sometimes see true stuff, I don't want to tell any spoilers, but if you're a fan of Miranda/Colleen, you'll notice those little details.

2.Jane the Virgin
This TV show uses typical telenovela plot twists to make a super story. In it, Jane, a woman who promised to stay a virgin until marriage, gets accidentally inseminated with her bosses sperm, who she has an history with, by his sister. I love this, because so much happens and you can never predict it, because it's so intense. There's love, family problems, criminal activities, etc... IT'S JUST SO CRAZY

3.How I met your mother
One of my personal favorites, maybe even my favorite! This is a comedy TV show about Ted Mosby's adult life. Well, it's more Ted Mosby telling his children how he met their mother, but he tells the story during 9 seasons so... It's so funny! The love stories, the unbreakable friendships... Wow!

This is probably one of the most popular TV show ever, and for good reasons. Once again, it's a comedy TV show (yeah, I know I watch too much of those) about a group of friends who live in New York and try to archive their goals. This show is great, because IT'S SO ADDICTING and the characters have such a good friendship and like the intro says: they're always there for each other. 5. Stranger Things This show has been pretty popular since it came out. The story takes place in the 80s and the principal caracters are kids. It's super inspired by Stephen King's books, even the name of the show is written the same way that Stephen writes his one his books. The story is well made because every time you watch an episode, you'll want to watch another one 'cause it's so suspenseful! If you like horror, you'll like this show. 6. Vampire Diaries If you're a teenage girl who like cheesy love stories, Vampire Diaries is perfect for you. My friend recommended it to me and I was sure it was gonna be so boring 'cause there's love and vampire in it, but it's actually pretty great. It's about two vampire brothers that come back to their home town and bring a lot of problems with them. They're the same, but the opposite, and both want the same thing. What is it, you may ask? Well, you'll have to watch Vampire Diaries to find out! 7. Riverdale Do you know the Archie comics character? Maybe you once or twice red the comics. In Riverdale, all the caracters are back, but in a much darker setup. Unlike the comics, there's murder, drugs and a lot of MyStErY. All the caracters are the same, even though they have different psychological characteristics. This show is for people who love suspense. 8. Mindy's project Are you a dreamer? Someone who dreams of the perfect love story? Someone who though that life was gonna be easy when you actually live a lot of disappointment? If so, you will identify to the funny, smart, reality show lover: Mindy. This is a romantic comedy TV show. It's great because it shows that life doesn't always go as plan and you have to work to make things happen in a way that you will identify to it. Those were all my favorite TV shows on Netflix! I think that if you try to watch one of them, you shouldn't just watch one episode. You need to at least watch 2-3 to be sure that you do or don't like it. I wish you like one of them, if you do, don't forget to tell us what you think in your own blog post. You can create a blog post that the other members of Djiksea will see in the Members Posts section. Maybe I made a couple of mistakes, I didn't take the time to correct this post. Thank you for understanding and reading! 

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