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How to dress for fall

Hello dear reader!

Are you reading this blog because you want to know how you should dress tomorrow, in this fall season? If so, this will help you.

This fall, people seem to love wearing oversize clothing over their outfit or adding a coat or a cardigan over it. If you want to catch people eye, that's the trendiest way to do it.

If you love wearing accessories, a very obvious choice to make in the fall is to wear a scarf. They come in so many colors, patterns and even forms. If you're on a budget, don't worry, because you can change the way your scarf looks just by tying it differently. There're many ways that are super easy, just look it up.

Boots. Boots. Boots. It's crazy how your shoes can make your outfit look so much better. Ankle boots, riding boots, moto boots... There's so much to choose from! Plus these shoes are perfect in the fall because they can keep your feet warm and cozy ad/or make you look fancy/casual/legendary.

Recently, I've been falling in love... With thigh high socks! They are super cozy and are a great, cheaper alternative to thigh high boots. They come in so many colors and materials and I love wearing them with a simple dress just to make it look better. Recently, that's what I did: I wore a simple t-shirt dress (no patterns, one color, mid thigh) with knit thigh high socks and I received complements all day.

I know this was a short post, but I just wanted to give some ideas to make your outfits look a little better.

If you want us to post about something, contact us and we'll gladly take that idea into consideration.

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