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How to stay motivated - School

For some people, school starts soon, and for others, it’s already started and what do you need most during the school year? Did you find the answer? Okay good, here it is: motivation! You need to be motivated to do your best when doing homework, studying or just being in class. Here’s some tips to help you get and stay motivate during the entire school year…

1-Discover what kind of learner you are: Are you auditory, visual or kinesthetic. This will help you, because you will know how to make learning easier for you.

2-Reward yourself: Whenever you do better than usual in school, you should give yourself a reward. It can be food, a little more YouTube or Netflix watching time, a night without any school related activities (that is if you can) or anything you want. Rewarding yourself will motivate you to get better and better.

3-Switch up your study space: Being always trap in the same room studying isn’t really fun or motivating. You can study in your bedroom, in the library, in a cafe, in your living room, at your friend’s house (if you are studying with that friend, of course) or any other calm place you think of.

4-Be friendly with everyone at school: You don’t want to be enemies with the people you see almost every day, because then you will not want to go to school and to see them.

5-Have a planner or make reminders in your phone: Always stressing because you are late to class or you forgot a homework assignment isn’t a good thing, because it could make you want to give up. You should get track of your assignments, exams and school stuff in a planner or on your phone.

6-Take notes in class: You shouldn’t write everything your teacher says, but you know when the teacher is like “that’s going to be in your exam” or anything that means it’s important, you should write it. Not finding the information you are looking for in your textbook and not remembering what your teacher said is just sad. Plus, it could motivate you to listen to what your teacher is saying, because you will have to write it.

7-Exercise: It boosts your mood, energizes and makes you feel productive. During the school year, you’re pretty much sitting all the time and that’s kind of depressing and not motivational.

8- Study with a friend: Studying with a friend is super helpful, because you can both help each other with your studies. How to study with a friend? You can look at your notes/notebooks or your own first and when you have a question, you can ask your friend and after that, you ask each other questions. You can even have a study group and meet with them every month or something like that.

9-Schedule your homework and study time: Planning what you study, at what time and when your breaks are is pretty motivating, because you already know when, where and what. When you already have your things all planned out, things become easier.

10- Use colors: I think it’s motivating to have color codes and always know what means what, because you’re not like: oh no, I need to read everything again and again to analyze it. If, for all your notes or everything you highlight in your textbook, you have the same color code, studying is easier and faster.

We hope you found this helpful and motivating! If you want to get motivated to workout, go to If you want to contact us, go to About us (next to Home).

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