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Birthday gift ideas

Did you ever go to a birthday party? If so, you probably went through the hard process of finding a present that is affordable, useful and that the birthday girl/boy will love. Maybe you are reading this because you are trying to find some ideas with the wonderful internet. Well its time to take notes, because this post will help you find the perfect gift! There are ideas for boys and girls.

Tip: If you have a friend that comes to the same birthday that you do and your budget isn’t high enough to buy that present that is a little too expensive, you can combine your budget and go find a present together! Let me give you an example of how this could work:

-Hey, you’re going to whateverherorhisnameis party right?

-I sure am, but I can’t find a present. Things are so expensive and there’s no sale!

-Well, what if we combine our budget, find blablabla’s present and give it to him/her from both of us? I wanted to spend maximum 25$.

-That sounds like a perfect idea!

And boom! The birthday person receives a really nice present instead of something you found at the dollar store.

Birthday presents for girls

1- Decoration for her bedroom

2- Girly stuff (here’s what I mean: you can go by a couple nail polish bottles, a lip gloss, mascara, new makeup brushes and whatever you want and give it to an in a little basket or a box, so she has her own little beauty kit)

3- A lot of her favorite candy, chocolate, chips, etc.

4- A new purse (I know, this can be expensive and it’s when you want to buy something like this that you should combine budgets)

5- 3D puzzle or just a puzzle

6- Video game (it’s not only for boys you know)

7- Make a little spa kit with a bath bomb, a face mask, lip scrub and anything you think will help her relax

8- Something about an inside joke

9- Movie tickets

10- Massage

11- Shoes

Birthday presents for boys

1- Video games

2- Shoes

3- Shirt of their favorite sport team

4- Sport stuff

5-ITunes card

6- Blanket

7- Chocolate, candy, etc.

8- iPhone or iPad case

9- Guided helicopter

10- Pajama

11- Watch

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