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Summer bucket list

Thinking about having a summer bucket list? Great idea! Or maybe you don’t know what a bucket list is and that’s why you looked that up online. Well let me educate you a bit.

A bucket list is a list (wow no kidding Einstein) of things you want to achive during your lifetime or a more precise period of time. It can be goals, activities or hopes.

Here are a few things I wrote on my summer bucket list.

1. Do A LOT of drawings with chalks on the street (LOTS OF COLORS) 2. Finish Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (you can set a number of books you wish to read, for example: Read at least 4 books) 3. Download a lot of songs 4. Try funny clothes and shoes in a fancy store 5. Use weird names at Starbuck 6. Ultimate water balloon fight, nerf fight or water gun fight (WAAAAR) 7. Try new recipes (or actually learn how to cook) 8. Messy twister (put paint or a mix of shaving cream and food coloring on the twister dots) 9. Have a spa day with some friends (use face mask, paint nail, etc.) 10. Watch Disney movies for a whole day 11. Go bowling or mini-golfing 12. Dance in the rain (sounds weird, but fun)

I hope you liked those ideas and found this helpful!

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