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Laurie and Léonie

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Welcome to Djiksea!

This blog was created by two bored students who wanted a summer project. They created a blog where they are testing products and life hacks and talking about trends. 

Do you not understand a trend or you've seen a product and you're not sure if it will work? You can contact them and suggest it!


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A lot of you are probably wondering, why the hell Djiksea? Well, friends, no reason. But doesn't it sounds pretty? But how do you prononce it? Euh... Dji-k-sea? Gi-ksi? 

Where to find us

If you didn't know, you can find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Facebook.


On Facebook we update people when we post something new.

On Instagram, we take pretty pictures to make our blog seem fancy.

On Twitter, we talk with you, ask you what you want to read about and notify you whenever there's a new post on Djiksea.

On Pinterest, we allow people to add our posts to their boards by pinning them.

We have many social media accounts so you can contact us easily (and because we seem fancier that way).

Have fun looking us up!

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